Tuesday Tales - It's a Whiteout...Maybe

Happy December Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, a Game of Inches,
for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week our group writes to the following beautiful picture prompt. Will Lola ever find peace? Just 300 words for this captivating image. Enjoy

“I wasn’t always a slutty alcoholic, right?”
“Those things, they…they weren’t your fault. Besides, those do not make who you are, just some choices you made. Negativity or positivity isn’t intrinsic, neither defines us.”
Who the hell made mother some existentialist? “Mamma, I made choices. I can’t blame an evil twin.”
“You didn’t do bad things on purpose.”
“Stop making excuses for me. I’m trying to work the steps. I can’t do it with blinders on. I accept responsibility.”
“You don’t know how much this hurts if you don’t accept my amends, accept my sins. I need this from you.”
Laverne gripped her purse tightly in her lap, as if it was a life preserver. “Can we talk?”
“It’s what we’re doing.”
“I failed you. I failed you in the worst way, but, I took care of it.”
“I forgive you about all the puzzles, dissing my business, and meddling in my life.”
“Speaking of puzzles…” Mom pulled a tray up off the floor. It looked like something she’d use for breakfast in bed. “Look what I’ve been working on for you. I know how much you love snow.”

“Wow, Mom, I can't believe this image is only a puzzle. This looks like somewhere we should move.  I want to get away, go somewhere I don’t know anyone. I’m starting to resent my life, shit, I’ve resented it since I can remember.” The hissing fissure deep inside holding me together started to quake. I wanted to blow up, disintegrate, go somewhere I’d never hurt anyone else again. My own daughter was dying, I remembered her kicking me from inside. I thought I had horrible gas. Now, the fissure sometimes spewed hot reminders through my guts. The playful kicking of my infant became twisting, cramping, reminders of the emptiness my daughter filled before I gave her away. I just gave her away like a discarded toy. I walked away from her never looking back. “Momma, make the pain go away.”

Now head over to our main page for more responses to our snowy picture prompt...;)Tuesday Tales Main


V.L. Locey said…
Great use of the picture!
I did not see that last bit coming. Very nicely done.
Love the puzzle, and that last part is so powerful-- well done indeed.
Anonymous said…
Lots of powerful emotions. I love how you incorporated the picture prompt as a puzzle in the scene.
Great job!
morgan said…
Wonderful portrayal of a mother who refuses to give up.
Jillian said…
wow. that was awesome. Very powerful last paragraph

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