Making a Difference - Eradicate MS

I try to host a health related post each week in The Locker. I like to share my experiences in the hopes of helping someone else. I've decided to make a little turn and have a guest host for the next few weeks.

My friend Brian is a beast. He cycles more miles in a year than I probably drive in my car. He has a passion for health, and shares an equal passion to eradicate MS. Please be kind to Brian and give him a warm welcome.


My name is Brian Jones. 
I am an avid cyclist riding to rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis.


As I celebrate Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the many things I am thankful.  A loving wife, a roof over my head, food on the table, a good job, and many wonderful friends and family.  It’s funny how the one thing I tended to forget to be thankful, is the one thing I took for granted…good health.  In my association with the National MS Society, I have met many wonderful people who live with his disease.  While many may be quick say they would rather not have MS, they are still thankful for the disease, as it has shown them how precious, not only their health is, but life in general.  Further, they are genuinely thankful for each, and every, person who bikes, walks or runs through a mud-laden course in order to find a cure for MS.  Through these endeavors, strangers become friends as we all unite to end MS forever.

Finally, I am thankful for everyone who has made a donation that benefits the National MS Society.  Without your generosity, the great strides that have already been made, and the ones yet to come, would not have been possible.

Please visit my page at to make a donation.  Thank you.



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