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Do You Like Me Pulling Your Hair?

Welcome Fellow Fathomers to the Friday Flash Fiction! Where a group of the most interestingly twisted peeps on Facebook gather to provide you some entertainment in the form of exactly 100 words to describe the following picture:

In celebration of my upcoming release, Finless, next week. I give you a 100 word excerpt from my spicy, thought provoking, gritty, sexy tale of sadism, masochism, and where life meets in between it all...take a read--
"...women did not fear him, even as he denied their breath or inflicted a bruise. I am a true Master, a Dominant worthy of anyone’s submission. Nathaniel felt satisfying conceit returning to his veins. He deserved the gifts of Sarah, of Lily, - of anyone he chose. Little by little, he stitched his arrogance back into place around his heart and muffled any sincerity or longing for the moment. Like an annoying mosquito, he knew his conscience would return soon, so he needed to take advantage of this emotional reprieve. Sarah would deservedly rec…

I Would Love Your Help

Hello Fellow Fathomers!

Today in The Locker is a short blog about the first ever contest I am a part of! If you would like to vote for my book, On Ellicott Street, as the best first chapter for February, please click the above link and you will be directed to the voting site. Also up for grabs is best cover for On Ellicott Street.

I would love your vote of support. :)

Best of February 2012
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Voting ends 12:01AM EST 27 March 2012.
Get ready for The Locker to take off and get very busy, very soon.

hugs, D

WIN WIN WIN!!! It's a Blog Hop Coming to You in April!


F*$% is Not the Only Word I Know

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Today in The Locker, not only am I celebrating Friday, I celebrate each and every one of us who use “Big Words”. Most of us have heard the joke, “uh-oh, they’re gonna start spelling the big words in front us soon”, in reference to someone unintentionally underestimating our intelligence or level of understanding. I’m just as guilty as anyone else, ask my “growing up way too quickly” kids.
I believe erotic romance, and even mainstream romance, books, at times, sometimes become erroneously classified as simply elementary or lacking substance. For every rough-riding, clusterf-ing, limited verbal skills sausage-fest, there is also a witty, poignant romantic piece of printed success-even if the “F” word is involved. Oh, and Heaven forbid we say the word, (peeking around to see if anyone is looking) “clit”. GASP!! By the way, if I write one of those rough-riding, clusterf-ing, limited verbal skills sausage-fest sex rush books, it’s my prerogative, as Bobby Brown so elo…

A Sadist in Masochist Clothing

Sarah Went Left of center I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, I’m Sarah, the fictional female protagonist from Finless, who has some very real psychological roots. I know many times, we characters like to grant interviews to give you, the radiant reader, a bit of background into our inner workings. However, you may get more than you bargained for during the first several chapters of our story.So, I decided to add a few of my thoughts to the normal set up. I don’t need a beverage, comfy chair, or fancy chocolates-I simply need your attention for a few moments as I share some gritty truths about my life. I could be anyone, anywhere, any gender, race, or ethnicity. I realize my reactions happened in a flash, within seconds lives forever changed.How many times have we all gone left of center in our lives and negatively affected someone else?When we speak without thinking, we unleash verbal dragons that can bring someone down in flames. Death does not always occur physically. My insensitivi…

Aphrodisiac Anyone

Hello Fellow Fathomers!!!  Today is another edition of the Friday Flash Fiction.  100 words, no more-no less, where we describe what we see in one photo. What would you say about this:

It was not the Fountain of Youth that they’d searched for all their lives. Yet, after dipping their bodies into the tranquil waters, something magical indeed happened. The water had the faint scent of olive oil and citrus, and felt deliciously sensuous with the slippery feeling of the finest most luxurious emollient.
It wasn’t just the way the water caressed their bodies. The magical sense of passion, excitement, and sheer joy overwhelmed their senses and rejuvenated their love for one another. They had indeed found a true aphrodisiac when everyone else in the world had given up even finding it.

Now that you have read my interpretation, please check the blogs of my friends for their imaginative prose.  Be aware, some of the other blogs may contain explicit material. Happy Friday everyone!!!

Muffy Wilson…

Davy Jones Meet Davee Jones....

Hello Fellow Fathomers~

Today in The Locker we pay tribute to one of my favorite celebrities in the world- Davy Jones. Many of you, my dedicated readers, may not realize my actual given name is, in fact, Davee Jones. The only difference is it is spelled in a more feminine manner. Through my years on this planet, I've been teased about being a pirate, a rock star, and even Davy Crockett --(and, for the record, I've never "kilt a bear"). Most of the teasing came in the spirit of good fun, and I enjoyed it, to some extent. It was not alwasy easy having such a unique name, but, I've come to embrace it.

The sadness comes in that with each passing day, we are all growing older, and with it the joys of the present quickly become warm memories. I've personally experienced four full decades of fashion trends, music trends, changing politics, technological advances, and ordinary triumphs and tragedies. Heroes emerge, yet for some of them, they tarnish their achievement…