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Tuesday Tales...Is That a Mug in Your Pocket?

This month is flying by while I do my best to get a glimpse of each day.  It's already time for another installment of TT. This week our group writes to the word prompt, "mug".
"I can't get enough of your ugly mug.” I found Finn’s mismatched coffee cup collection irresistibly cute. Clasped between my hands, the heat of morning coffee had nothing on the warmth of my heart. “I don’t think I’ve ever made coffee for a girl before.” “Aww…one of those things you really shouldn’t say out loud though. Not to the girl you just made coffee for.” I had to bust his balls a little, I didn’t know how to play the part of lovey dovey morning after. “We’re both walking in unfamiliar territory. I like being on an equal playing field with you.” Waking up to Finn’s tousled hair in my face beat just about any perfect sunrise I’d ever seen. My awareness of femininity tripled in his naked morning after presence. Feeling beautiful didn’t always come easily wearing my many hats, and…

Vegas, you say? Vegas! She says! Meet Amanda Ward!!!

Getting plastered at a wedding is the sign a good time has been had, but not when it’s the bride!

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Today in The Locker we have the lovely Amanda Ward, my friend from "across the Pond". This week we celebrate the release of her newest title, Viva Pann Vegas!  Viva is the sequel to the quirky fun of The MisAdventures of Pann Haggerty.

The fun and games continue as Pann Haggerty travels around America with her ‘average’ Joe on their way to Las Vegas.  This time, Joe thinks he’s the one in charge, and able to handle his beloved quirky English rose.   Apparently not.   Surprises, secrets and wedding bells are in store.  Has Pann given Joe the answer to his big question? Read on in the second MisAdventure of Pann Haggerty. Laugh at Pann’s antics, thrill to the romance, indulge in copious mugs of tea and try out the delicious recipes! Above all…enjoy.
Excerpt One-
“You know, Pann, this hand would look so much nicer with…” “Don’t go down that route, Joe,” Pann scold…

BookRhythm It's a FRENZY!


Welcome to The Locker!!!!

I'm excited this month to be part of BookRhythm's March FLASH Frenzy. 

To enter all you need to do is comment below with your favorite character from one of my books.

Haven't read any of my books? I LOVE to meet new readers.  Check my page on Goodreads, get a little excerpt of any or all of your choosing!

What do you do in your spare time?- I collect cookbooks, I love to cook and can foods, keep the birdfeeders full, try to keep my Netflix addiction under control, think about new tattoos, and keep up with my crazy family. I used to exercise and participate in triathlons, but, about 3 years ago I began getting sick. The doctors knew I had auto-immune diseases, but, it took a very long time and so many doctors to determine I have rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogrens Syndrome. Now, I do yoga at least twice a week and am adapting my life. I’m not ready to let diseases dictate my life, it’s about getting back to my normal.

Rafflecopter! FLASH F…

Guest Guest Guest! Be My Guest!!! Amanda Bretz....

Ahoy this beautiful first full day of #spring!  the #equinox happened yesterday in the Dallas area underneath a cloud-covered rainy day...but, I'll take it. Fill the lakes!
Today we have the amazing Amanda Bretz...she has a new release you just might like. 
take it away, Amanda!!
Thank you for hosting me on your blog today.
TKO of the Heart is a contemporary romance set in present day Miami South Beach. The book is the first in a new sports romance trilogy called The Ladies of Athena’s Gym, which focuses on the romances that blossom between sexy heroes and athletic heroines. When I set out to write this story in the fall of 2014, I wrote and submitted it for a publisher’s special call out for stories about bridesmaids finding true love at a wedding. Originally, this was a standalone novella—the story still does standalone and ends with a happily ever after—but after I sent the manuscript off, another idea started to take shape. I started thinking about the way most sports romance…

Does This Look Sexual to You? #Secretary

AhoyFellow Fathomers! Happy Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day! I’m stuck inside for the majority of the day when I really should be exposing these reflector enhanced legs to some sunshine. Not that I tan well anyway, but I can at least achieve a muted shade of ivory over bright fluorescent white. I will not voice an opinon either way on FSOG. I've read many books, some including BDSM elements, and I write books with some BDSM elements. Please know this blog embraces all books in the genre.

Since I’m inside, I can write to you all! So, today in The Locker, Jumping on the bandwagon, I decided to talk about the recent hullaballoo over the raging BDSM and erotic romance craze sweeping the globe. Yep, if you are on this blog, chances are in my favor that you know what I’m talking about, you know this Fifty Shades of Grey thing.

I find it ironic that in one of my all time fave movies, Secretary, the lead male protagonist’s name is E. Edward Grey. Coincidence, hmmm, we will have to…

Tuesday Tales and Love Birds...ahhh spring

Happy Spring Forward Tuesday Tales... Today, I present my current WIP, Love Birds

This week our group writes to the rather innocuous word, stair. I put a different spin on the usual meaning for their introduction...

"This looks more like a stair step.” “You’re doing a great job. The birds will love it.” This do-it-yourself birdhouse looked more like a rectangle shipping box. I can’t believe my cousin talked me into this ridiculous party. “Terri, why did I let you drag me to this?” “Because you sit home every night watching romantic comedies and drinking your habitual one glass of sweet wine. You gotta get out of that apartment.” Positioning the nail just right, I poised my hammer to take aim. Raring back, I hit hard- much harder than I should. Especially since the nail dropped out of the little hole leaving my thumb exposed. “Holy shit that hurt!” “Dang it, Sunni, what did you do?” Terri became all motherly, using her six months older age as a benefit. Inspecting my clamped hand, try…

Tuesday Tales, What's My Address..

Happy March!

This week our group writes to the word prompt, "address".

“Michael, it’s so good to see you man.” “It’s awesome to see you awake. You scared the shit out of me.” “I don’t remember much, all of a sudden, bam, we were on the ground. How did I get out of there?” “We heard the commotion and immediately went out to the square. It took a little bit to find you, we finally did and got you in to safety.” “What about Prisha? She got hurt too.” “She’s alive, don’t worry about her.” “C’mon Michael, you gotta tell me more than that. I was protecting her.” “Why don’t you concentrate on getting your skinny ass outta that bed? You ain’t no good to anyone stuck on your back with an IV.” “I’m trying. My body is on a delay, like a television show to keep out anything inappropriate.” “Huh?” Obviously, Michael wasn’t familiar with how network programming works. “What I mean is, I can think about what I want to do, but, my body doesn’t react right away. I want to move my leg and it takes a fe…