Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Tales....You're a Good Egg...and BACON

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to a delicious picture. Picture Prompts receive 300 words...so, here we go from Steal My Heart, book 4 WIP from The Fantasy League series.

“I’ve had so many smoothies and granola this month, I’m going back to my roots.”
“It’s okay to cheat every once in a while.” Lesley giggled, taking a bite of French toast. “Goodness knows I do it.”
Staring at a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast, the scent wafted to my nostrils, reminding me of growing up. “My mom used to cook this all the time. We had fresh eggs almost every day.”
Putting her fork down, she made eye contact with me. “Do you miss living in the country?”
“I miss the anonymity and the protection that comes from living in a small town. Although everyone does know each other’s business way more than they should, they also take care of each other.” I hoped she didn’t catch on I was still worried about that stupid stalker email. I was a grown man for Pete’s sake.
“I miss the safety of growing up, having my family around. My brothers wouldn’t let anyone mess with me.” She smiled, then took a long drink of milk. “Now, my muscles are so massive, I can take care of myself.”
“You’re an impressive physical specimen of a female, for sure.” Although I intended that remark to be innocent, I couldn’t deny an undertone of longing in my words. Lesley was beautiful, full of energy and talent. I was on the edge of a helpless situation.
“You’re a rather handsome man yourself, Eugene Carlton.”
I soaked up Lesley’s adoration like a dried out ocean sponge, soothing waters filling me with confidence and happiness. “I appreciate you my friend.”
“What would you say if I asked you out on an honest to goodness date?”
She absolutely knew exactly what I’d say.

How could I miss our dark complexioned admirer hanging on every word we shared?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Tales, Only Twenty....

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the word prompt, "twenty".   From Steal My Heart, book 4 WIP from The Fantasy League series.

"If you come one more step, I'll rip you into twenty pieces."
"Aww, the pretty little girl is tough and sexy. It's my lucky day. Where's your man? Surely, he didn't leave you out here all alone. Or, maybe he's somebody you picked up here at the park?"
"Look asshole, he isn't some stranger, he's my boyfriend." My brain clicked along, thinking of what I'd passed on my way here. Who was out there standing by, what my next move would be? I wrapped my purse strap tighter within my fist.
"I think you and I should get to know each other better. He stepped forward, narrowing the distance between us. Maybe you'll give me some of what you gave him. I like getting all up into someone else's stain."
"God, you're disgusting!" Jumping to one side, I tried to dodge the lunging sociopath coming for me. He grabbed my leg mid-stride. I landed on the ground, close to the bottom of the dumpster. Why the hell didn't people clean up after themselves- trash littered everywhere. My brain tried to take me out of the present, choosing any other thought than this sicko attacking me. I kicked hard with both feet, as if slogging through mud, not aiming for anything but hoping I connected with something vitally painful.
"Don't fight it sweetheart, you're gonna make me feel so good."
"Get off me you piece of shit, leave me alone!"
"That's no way to talk to a fan now is it? He shoved an elbow into my ribcage applying pressure.
The pain of his bony arm in my guts paled to his breath whooshing into my face. I'd thought I'd puke from the raunchy odor. "Get off me, I won't say it again!"
"Good, I don't want to hear it again. Prying my legs open with one knee, he used his other hand to restrain my wrist above my head. How convenient you wear this little skirt and nothing else."
"You wretched son of a..."   Words gurgled from the fear in my throat.

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