Executing a Raid on Tuesday Tales!

Happy Fall Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, a Game of Inches, for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week our group writes to the word prompt raid. What kind of raid are we talking about? You'll just have to keep reading.

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“When planning a verbal raid, you better come prepared with enough emotional ammunition.” Lola walked the floor, occasionally chewing her thumbnails.
“You told me chewing my nails was a disgusting habit.”
“I don’t give a shit, I have so many disgusting habits, one more isn’t going to hurt anything today.” She yelled, flinging her arms into the air.
“You look like shit, again. Have you been drinking?”
“No, absolutely not, I haven’t touched a drop. But, thank you for reminding me. The roar in my brain wasn’t loud enough to get the point across.”
“What kind of verbal raid are you talking about?”
“I need to talk to the old codger’s cold fish wife. Surely there’s a shriveled up reminder of a heart underneath her scales.”
“Do you really know Mrs. McDonald? Is she so horrible?”
“Really, Danika? Come on, how about a little support. There’s a girl dying and she won’t help.” Lola’s hands kept shaking, she was going through severe tremors. Although my imagination could be getting away from me, the tremors had gotten worse since I arrived
“How do you know Marty even approached her?” Nothing Lola told me indicated she had one ounce of proof Marty even told his mother.
Lola’s face turned beet red, staining all the way to her ears and down her neck. “He’s too good of a man not to ask. He’s too good of a man for me.” She slumped to the floor and began giggling.
“Lola! Lola!” Well, hell, this detox was worse than I thought. While drinking alcohol could set off her irrational behavior, the more I observed her, the more convinced I became she was withdrawing. She needed a hospital right away. “Lola, we are going to the hospital.”
“You’re coming to take us away…” She shrieked before convulsing. She flipped and flopped around on the floor. I moved furniture and other obstructions out of the way so she wouldn’t hurt herself. I dialed 911. “You gotta come quickly. We have a female, late thirties in the middle of alcohol withdrawal. She is now convulsing.” I’m a doctor, but, the ambulance couldn’t get here fast enough for me.

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V.L. Locey said…
Loved the sharp, biting dialog in this scene!
Jean Joachim said…
Wow, what an emotional and scary scene this is! I hope she's going to be all right. Love his concern and that, even though he's a doctor, he's scared to death. Great scene.
Jillian said…
wow. that was a gut-wrencher. Hope she's going to be okay
Wow, talk about intense. Powerful scene. We knew something was coming with her, but it's excruciating to see. I hope she'll be all right. Great use of the prompt as well.
Anonymous said…
Great job! Very intense and it wraps you right up into the middle of the action.
I liked how you used the prompt too.

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