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Friday Flash Fiction

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to FFF, the Friday Flash Fiction series. Where my friends and I have one photo prompt and write exactly 100 words to describe what we see.  I grew up on a farm, so, all sorts of stories came to my mind this week, but, the rule is share only one and just 100 words.  Peek inside the thought I chose for this week ;)

Should I go easy on this city boy? Ruthie debated throwing the match intentionally to save his overinflated ego. Don’t you dare, sis. The words reverberated in her brain. Startled, she briefly looked toward her brother holding his camera, taping the match. Video proof that even this black belt visiting their ranch couldn’t bring her down. We can read each other’s minds? She marveled telepathically toward her brother. He smiled as he replied in kind. Yes, we can- Imagine everything we will do with these powers. Now, take this chump out, we have animals to feed and supper to cook.  The End....or is it?
Please visit my fellow author's pages fo…

Friday Flash Fiction

Merry Christmas!  Hello Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to FFF, the Friday Flash Fiction series. Where my friends and I have one photo prompt and write exactly 100 words to describe what we see.   The beauty of the couple surrounded by the snow put me in a seriously romantic mood. Enjoy my interpretation.
As she saw him coming toward the vestibule, she rushed outside without her cloak. She did not feel the cold against her skin, only the warmth of his arms around her and his lips pressing deliciously into her own.The snow fell magically on their sweet reunion, setting the perfect stage for their first embrace in almost two years. As he held her closely, it reminded him how much he missed her sweet breath against his face.He vowed never to leave her again; the riches weren’t worth the misery living without her. He only hoped she felt the same. Please now take the opportunity to visit my friends' pages and their interpretations.  Caution--Some of the other pages are hotter and the image…

Does Your Opinion Matter? Why, Yes! It does.

Hello Fellow Fathomers
Today in The Locker I address the sometimes sensitive topic of book reviews.One heavily heated banter exchange today on Facebook revolved around how and when someone should express their opinions about a book.I realize as an author, if I have signed a publishing contract, I believe that book is worthwhile of anyone’s time.However, as a logical human, I must also believe not everyone shares my tastes, visions, or opinions.(Yes, I admitted to not always being right-and did so in writing.)

I believe a few things must be considered before you put ink or electronic signature to your voice: ·Is this a genre you typically enjoy reading?If you do not enjoy Steampunk, chances are you will not give the book a fair chance at entertaining you. If you decide to venture into a new genre to challenge your senses, think about your opinion before you put it out there.Could a bad opinion be simply because you gave it a shot and truly do not enjoy the genre?Or, on the other hand, cou…

To Genre or Not to Genre...What is the Answer?

Hello Fellow Fathomers!Today in The Locker I discuss the issue of “genre”.Many of my new friends have specific genres they adhere to in their books.When I began this career as author, I thought I only had one basis to draw creativity from.I now find I have several, much like Forrest Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates-I never know what I’m gonna get…from my muse that is.  Although for purposes of marketing and sales, it may be best for me to trend down one realm, I just have too many thoughts going on in my mind to stay on one path.Like the classic indigo child, AKA-A.D.D. for any clinicians out there, I stroll along my beautiful garden path, watching the butterflies, writing a grocery list, stringing fishing line, while riding rollercoasters.My mind is a beautiful, eccentric place; you join me on occasion when you stumble into The Locker. Each book I create comes from the recesses in my mind clamoring more loudly than the others at that particular moment. 

 People, I’m a hippie, for g…

FFF--This Corset is Cutting Me in Half!

Hello Fellow Fathomers!  Welcome to FFF, the Flash Fiction Friday series.  Where my friends and I have one photo prompt and write exactly 100 words to describe what we see.  Please settle back, enjoy the lovely woman in this photo and soak in my interpretation.  This picture was a bit more difficult for me this week.  She looks aloof, bored, self-centered, pensive, stiff, wow, so many things.  But, I finally came up with something. If you are feeling saucy, write you own interpretation in comments, I would LOVE to read your take on this one! 

Is it really worth the money? As I sit here under the photographer’s careful lighting, I consider my growling stomach and daydream about pizza.The corset cutting into my waist and abdomen reminds me there is not enough room in my life for food and money. I made that choice a long time ago. I almost hated it now. How long had it been since I held piping-hot, gooey slices of Heaven in my hands?Tonight I will do just that--after I purchase the syrup…

Don't Call Me a Cougar!

Happy Tuesday Depth Explorers!  Today we have the special privilege of talking with Cassie Stewart, the female protagonist in my upcoming book.  Cassie Stewart’s story will be revealed in the upcoming release, “On Ellicott Street”.Cassie lived her life blandly until she met Eli. What she wants you to know about dating a younger man and why she refuses to be stereotyped. Hi Cassie, your story is about to hit the world in February 2012, are you nervous? Yes, a bit nervous, not every girl wants their love story told for the world to critique.However, I wanted my fellow women to know that living life to the fullest is about taking risks.I know I’m certainly not the first person to say that. What kind of risks do you mean? I re-invented my life script at almost fifty years of age. That is daunting, congratulations!How did you find the strength to be successful? Although I love Eli deeply, I must admit he was not the strength, he was only the catalyst.I had to reach deep inside and pull my innerm…

FFF--December 2, 2011

Hello Explorers, Today is the happiest day of the week for me- Friday!  To add to the excitement, my friends and I present to you, the Friday Flash Fiction.  100 words based on the intriguing photo below:
My interpretation of this saucy picture is as follows: Her sweaty palms indicate nervous anticipation as she plays the role of voyeur from just outside the door.She has never seen a sexier scene and still wonders if they will welcome her unashamedly to their intimate domain, or will their movements stiffen in trepidation?She holds her camera tightly to her chest and inhales deeply the scent of lavender wafting through the small openings of the door. She knocks softly before quietly entering the boudoir.They only briefly acknowledge her presence before he returns to stroking his lover’s hair again.“Just pretend I am not even here.” She whispers.
Now, that you have indulged your senses with my rendition, please take a moment to comment your thoughts, or even share you own version.  Please…