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Recently, I went to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for the arrival of our beautiful “international daughter” Aliena. We had the privilege to meet Aliena when she became part of our family for one year through a foreign exchange program. Of the many programs available, we hosted through . I encourage you to consider the opportunity and see if your life can be just as enriched as ours has been. But, I digress (for good reason though) All international arrivals come through one gate in terminal D. I watched the status board to anxiously see if Aliena’s flight had landed and it showed the baggage claim information. I knew when that appeared, her plane was grounded on US soil and she was somewhere behind those frosted glass aut…

Talented Author Kevin Rau

Hello Fellow Fathomers!

Today in The Locker Kevin Rau joins me…amazing cover artist and author. If you have not yet taken the opportunity to visit Kevin’s blog, you are certainly in for a treat when you do.
Kick back, tie on your cape, and enter Kevin’s world:
Hi Kevin, thank you very much for joining me today and answering a few questions. I will start with something easy. When did you start writing, and was there a significant event that prompted you to do so?
-I began in January 2009.  I stopped playing computer games for a while, spent a month voraciously reading books (about 30 in December 2008), and found that I got tired of the stories ending.  I realized that the only way I would get "more" of the story (and characters I loved) would be to write my own.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? (Assuming said power would be reasonably "powerful.")
-Super crafting.  This is often viewed as the type of power Tony Stark (Iron Man) …

Seeing RED - Tuesday Tales

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Today's Tuesday Tale involves the word or theme, "red". I chose to continue from last week's installment of Tuesday Tales from my current thriller work in progress (WIP) Blue Ink- The Skin Stalker. Today, The Skin Stalkers' victims simply wanted an exhilirating day of rock climbing....yet, it ended quite dismally for them instead.

"...Maria finally looked down to Sascha.Even from her distance up the face of the rock, she observed Sascha looked peculiar as well.“Are you ok?” Maria choked out.Sascha looked up, her stance wobbling at the movement to look skyward.Maria felt fear in her gut as the rope loosened from Sascha’s instability.“Hey!”Maria forced out. Maria’s exertion, combined with her fear, increased her heart rate, dizzying her equilibrium.Sascha watched Maria, feebly holding onto the rope, as she worked to tighten her grip, “I’ve….got…you, babe.” Sascha answered Maria’s fearful address.Sascha felt unstable on her feet, and sudden…

Flash Fiction Friday 100 no more, no less

Happy Friday Fellow Fathomers!

Today is the day for Friday Flash Fiction. One picture and just 100 words to describe it. Sometimes, it's easy, other times, not so much. Please ponder the following photo and think about what YOU would say?  Is she crying, praying...maybe she has a headache?  :)Now, please see my interpretation:

I’m one with The Raven, although I’m not a shifter. But…I’m not completely human either. I have Raven’s wings, bestowed upon me in a moment of heated passion. Deep black, almost tinged blue, against porcelain skin, a startling contrast. My proud breasts announce my arrival- as I move past you, my wings signal departure. You may not notice anything else unless you study me closely.

I don’t believe I’m beautiful.

Or, he wouldn’t have left me. What will I do now without a flock? I’m an outcast.

He did this to me. Summoning the inner strength to move on…my fortitude.

Now, please visit the blogs of my friends for their interpretations of the captivating photo.


Retreating From the Comfort Zone - Tuesday Tales

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales, a new project I'm delighted to be a part of. Each of the authors included in this series will contribute a sneak teaser at a work in progress, an inspired paragraph, or other flash fiction contribution. Today's subject is based upon a photo of a city of our choice. I chose Denver, CO, the setting most largely detailed in my suspense novel, Blue Ink-The Skin Stalker. I step out of the romance genre with this project, a first of many I have in progress substantially set outside my usual lovestory angles. The only way we grow is stepping outside our comfort zones, wouldn't you agree? Now, I reveal to you a snippet from Blue Ink:
Excerpt from WIP- 'Blue Ink- The Skin Stalker'
“...I don’t know anything and cannot offer help with this one.Back off buddy, do yourself a favor.” Colin shifted into survivor mode and treated it like a business deal.This frame of mind was Colin’s comfort zone and he operated tactically well from t…

Fathomers Meet Author Katie Harper!!!

Ahoy! Today in The Locker we have a very special guest, the beautiful and talented, Katie Harper. Katie is the badass brain behind her soon to be released, Never Say Just. Please visit Katie at her blog as she releases character interviews and descriptions of some behind the book details.

Katie and I had a bit of a chat recently, and she indulged a few of my favorite questions. She answered whimsically, in true Katie Harper style. I think this post will draw a smile from you.
Your Name: Katie Harper Origin: My name is actually Katharine. I was named after Katharine Hepburn. Astrology sign: Aquarius Occupation: Writer, mom
Where is your favorite place to shop? I am totally addicted to online shopping. If it has a .com, they probably have my credit card number.
What’s your favorite trend? Yoga pants. Though mine are actually sit on the couch and watch TV pants.
What attracts you to a person? Their body. I’m an extremely shallow person. JK. They have to …

Turnabout's Fair Play, I'll Get You Back...

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers!

Today in The Locker I return to the Friday Flash Fiction!  The day of the week where me and some of my crazy, creative friends take one picture and write exactly 100 words to describe what we see.  Please see my interpretation below the photo.

“You like the ice, or does it make you enticingly uncomfortable?” She spoke through almost gritted teeth, attempting to contain her mounting passion.
“Right now, the only thing I’d like better than that ice down my neck would be your tongue.” He breathed intently.
“Maybe I’ll lick the melted water from your skin.” She suggested coyly.
“Well, then, I know a better place for you to trail that ice…”
“Oh, baby, I’ll give your sexiness a turn to chill, so to speak. Now, while your hands are tied, you can wonder how long I’ll leave the ice on your balls.” Now that you've experienced my interpretation, please see what my friends have to say. Please be aware other interpretations may contain explicit material. Visit at your dis…