Making a Difference - New Feature in The Locker - Eradicate MS

I try to host a health related post each week in The Locker. I like to share my experiences in the hopes of helping someone else. I've decided to make a little turn and have a guest host for the next few weeks.
My friend Brian is a beast. He cycles more miles in a year than I probably drive in my car. He has a passion for health, and shares an equal passion to eradicate MS. Please be kind to Brian and give him a warm welcome.
My name is Brian Jones. 

I am an avid cyclist riding to rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis.


10 years ago I began my journey with BikeMS, an event to raise money and awareness for MS, a chronic disease of the central nervous system.  I ride in honor of seven amazing women who live with MS every day.  My goal is to raise $100K ten years.  To attain this goal I need to raise $20K in the 2015 event.  Please visit my page at for more information, and to make a donation.  With everyone's help we can: STOP disease progression; RESTORE what's been lost; and END MS forever!!!  Thank you.



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