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Love and Lists by Tara Sivec - Book Review

Book Review ****snowflakes

Love and Lists by Tara Sivec – Chocoholics Series

This novel is the first I’ve read by Tara. After reading the rave reviews for her books, especially the Chocolate Lovers series, I had to check this new series out.

Tara’s snappy writing style did not disappoint me. If anything, I had a hard time keeping up with the vigor of all the characters. It felt like when I watched the Terminator and I was Sarah Connor- always on the run. Not the horror part, mind you, but, the high impact energy level.  Tara did a very good job keeping the reader engaged in the story.

Sometimes I got confused because the reading pace was very quick. I found myself reading faster to keep up with the one-liner dialogue, as if I was hearing their conversations/arguments/sarcasm in my head. It did encourage imagery of a boisterous family. So, by the end, I decided I liked the pace. (But, I have to wonder how many people- friends, families, etc, share this type of dialogue all the time.)

Although explicit, the sex scenes are not graphic enough to embarrass a regular reader of sexually charged romances.

It felt strange at the end when out of the blue Charlotte gives Gavin a revelation. Not wanting to spoil the ending…but, it seemed out of place.  There wasn’t conversation about this subject, and they’d been best friends for years. But, I wonder if a spin off book down the line will pick up on this crucial relationship topic.

All in all, Tara writes a solid, light-hearted, comedic love story about best friends coming full circle and falling into adult love. I recommend this read for anyone needing a warmth and giggle to their day.

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Tuesday Tales in a Library (a writers home away from home)

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a new WIP I have going under my sweet pseudonym Allee Mae. It's the 3rd in my YA paranormal romance series the Critter Getters. This book is entitled Finding Love in a Black Lagoon. Our prompt today is a picture.  This lovely picture invokes cozy images cuddled up with quiet hardback friends that always took me away from reality. Much like these two want to be taken away from their realities.

“Wait, Owen, there’s something I do want to tell you.” Pearl ran up to meet Owen and tugged on the arm of his shirt. “Will you please stop?”

Years of pent up emotions bubbled closer to the surface than they had before. He never had anyone other than Caleb and Morgan he could really talk to about his mom’s incarceration. Of course, everyone in town knew what happened and every so often he would catch the sideways glance of pity and horror. His steel trap mind began pushing the brain vault shut, not really listening to Pearl. “Give me a minute, would you?”

“I feel like I ruined an important moment.” Pearl whispered, tears welling her eyes. She sniffled softly.

“No, no you didn’t. I don’t want this day to end on such a sorry note.” Owen wrapped his arms around Pearl, drawing her small frame into his chest.

Pearl moved easily into his embrace, the sniffling immediately stopped. He took in the moment and, mysteriously, his shame mellowed into liberation. Pearl seemed to accept his news without conditions or hesitancy. Maybe she didn’t think he fell too close to the family tree. “I don’t care if your mom is in jail. It doesn’t change who you are, and yea, maybe I’m still getting to know you. But, I can tell you got a good heart, Owen Guthrie.”

“I’ve reached a point in life I’m tired of trying to prove myself. It’d be easier to be alone in the world.”

“So, you have Caleb…and then you met Kalista and Leandra. You aren’t alone.”


“But, living like this, you won’t meet anyone new, you know, like someone who wants a chance to learn about you, become a great friend.”

Time flashed before his eyes, he never remembered life before the incident. In the raw circumstances of his world crumbling, he was reborn into sorrow and repulsion. All his innocence lost when he realized the one person he was supposed to be closest to betrayed his trust and put him in danger. What if he hadn’t been fishing with his dad that night? What if he had been with her too? Would he be standing here today having such a horrible conversation? “Pearl, sometimes, I like to imagine my world is a huge library, full of all kinds of books and magazines and maps, you know lots and lots of maps. Atlases that could tell me how to get anywhere. Which is crazy because Caleb is the book smart one of us both.”

“Owen, you aren’t giving yourself enough credit for your smarts. You are just as smart as Caleb…or anyone else.”

“I’d have to go to school someplace far off from home where nobody knew me.”

“Where would you go off to?”

“The moon.” Owen chuckled and lightened the moment. “Haven’t you ever felt like going away somewhere? Or picking your life out of a book and pretending the one you had wasn’t the one you had to live inside of?”

"There isn't a book written in the world that could capture everything I'm feeling right now." Pearl squeezed Owen tighter, holding him fast in their embrace.

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Tuesday Tales

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Friday Flash Fiction and a Lover's Embrace

TGIF Fellow Fathomers and welcome to the weekend. I hope you are staying warm where you are.

It's been a challenging week for me as a writer. No time to really just sit down and let my fingers do the walking across the keys. But, maybe this picture will inspire words of interest.

What story do they have to tell? Well, here is my interpretation in just 100 words, no more, no less for this Flash Fiction Friday piece:

“I don’t know, Cara. I’m not sure what to make of Psyche’s proposal. It could contain black magic or  mysticism far worse.” Teresa reached down to kiss me. “Fifty years seems like an eternity today, but, I can only imagine how fast it would go. Would I never touch you again after that?”

I kissed Teresa as she softly pushed me backward onto the bed.  “But, can you imagine having fifty years together, every day? I could wake up to you for hundreds of days, thousands of hours.” Tears pooled and fell down my face.  “It’s a dream come true.”

Now that you've read my 100, please see what the others have to say about these two lovers locked in an embrace:

It's time! Just how will Andrew keep Bea in his world? Will their menage fantasy destroy their chances for love? Look for Sexy Bea Spelling wherever eBooks are sold.

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Jasinda Wilder - Forever and Always - Book Review

Forever and Always 

**** Snowflakes

by Jasinda Wilder – Book One in the Ever Trilogy

Forever and Always introduces us to Ever and Cade and their unique story. They meet at an art camp and through their very short time together, develop an obvious bond. Jasinda does a good job demonstrating how love at first sight can actually happen. These two awkward teenagers have more in common than most. Ever and Cade both discover their artistic expression is a welcome release from their stressful lives- they both draw and paint with impeccable accuracy. The connection is incredible.

However, in a unique turn, these two characters fall in love over the course of becoming pen pals. They live too far away from each other to form an in-person relationship. They write with brutal honesty the personal struggles and desires they share. Ms. Wilder fully develops characters from start to finish; even the secondary characters receive their descriptive due.   The book also explicitly describes intimacy and lovemaking with painstaking details- it leaves the reader breathless from the anticipation. I’ll admit I had moments of discomfort knowing my teenaged daughter is not that far in age from these characters involved in such adult situations.

Forever and Always  is filled with drama- this is not a feel good book- it is a manuscript about overcoming painful loss to grow into adulthood despite deep tragedy- much like Jasinda’s other releases, Falling Into You and Falling Into Us- however a very different cast of characters. 

 The thin veil of happily Ever after does not protect Ever and Cade from inevitable heartbreak. The reader keeps turning pages seeking solace just for their benefit. The ending crushed me, and left me hoping for the best and eagerly awaiting book two.

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Tuesday Tales and Fresh Meat

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a new WIP I have going under my sweet pseudonym Allee Mae. It's the 3rd in my YA paranormal romance series the Critter Getters. This book is entitled Finding Love in a Black Lagoon. In honor of hungry tummies everywhere,  our word prompt today is "meat". (Or, maybe we're talking quality top choice sexiness.)

Without further ado...please see my snippet with "meat" as the prompt word.

“I’m sorry, Pearl, I’m not trying to ruin our picnic. I’m asking questions, that’s all. I’m trying to understand you.” Owen reached up and lightly gripped her hand.

Pearl shook him off and walked toward a tree stump, then quickly sat down on it. “I don’t care if you believe me or not. I didn’t ask for any of this and I’d much rather be alone than try to continually explain myself.” Pearl sighed and picked at the strings from her cutoff shorts.  “Owen, there are times in my life when I feel ashamed, but, most of the time, I’m happy with who I am…you know the person deep down inside of me.” She aimlessly pulled off pieces of bark from the stump, but snapped her hand back when she got a splinter. Pearl rotated her knees from side to side then stood up. “Someday I’ll leave here and go someplace where no one knows me. People won’t whisper ugly things behind my back.”

“Do you have any family away from here?” Owen began putting away the remnants of their lunch.

“Not that I know about. Why do you ask?”

“You could escape and become anonymous again. Start over with family somewhere new.” Owen slapped at a mosquito and mumbled. “These dang things think I’m fresh meat.”

“I’m Little Orphan Annie.” Pearl stood up abruptly. “I’m also an adult and I don’t need to mooch off more people like my aunt. She’s as good as it gets for me, at least for now. I won’t be here forever. I have plans.”

“I have people whispering behind my back too, but, they don’t do it as much the more time passes. Eventually they stop.” Owen thought back to the times when everyone in town looked at him with a mixed gaze of fear and pity. He hated it then and really hated it now. “Plus, I have tough skin, it all rolls off.” Owen knew that was a lie, but, it sounded good.

“Let’s stop with the motivational speech. My life hasn’t been any good from as far back as I can remember. I was basically still a kid when everything got messed up. This isn’t about sticks and stones breaking my bones, but words never hurting me. I didn’t have a choice, I wasn’t even at home- I had no alternatives.”

Owen squeezed his eyes shut against the flood of bad memories, usually he did a very good job of keeping his darkest secrets in check. But, this was Pearl and he cared about her and maybe it was time to start purging his mysteries. He cleared his throat, yet his words still sounded like a bullfrog croaking. “My mom is in jail.”

“I’m sorry, Owen. I can’t imagine how hard that could be.” Pearl’s words trailed off, pain ricocheted off each syllable. “We don’t have to talk about this.”

“I can’t go into details right now, maybe sometime soon you and I can talk about everything. But, maybe this helps you understand you can trust me. I do get where you’re coming from. I promise.”

“Owen, I appreciate you shared that with me, I know it wasn’t easy for you to do.”

“Yea, but, you don’t feel like sharing with me? Nothing, you have nothing to say? I feel like such a girl right now.” Owen angrily shoved their picnic blanket into the duffel bag.

Pearl suddenly looked life weary and she looked off into the distance. “I don’t want you mad at me. I’m sorry.” Her words trailed off and she walked up next to Owen. “How much longer will she be there?”

Owen shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno. I don’t go visit her.” He surveyed their spot one more time. “We’ve cleaned it all up, I’m ready to go back to Mr. Richard’s house now.” He started for the narrow trail.

“Wait, Owen, there’s something I do want to tell you.”

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Saturday Sippers - Is That Champagne or Sparkling Wine?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to the feature here in The Locker called Saturday Sippers. This year I focus on some of my favorite adult beverages. Most will contain alcohol, but, some will not. Today, in honor of Valentine's Day, I will discuss the difference between champagne and sparkling wine.
Wine.About.Com gives us a rundown:
The Champagne we know and love comes exclusively from the Champagne region of France, and claims the honor of being the most famous of the sparkling wines. Technically, it is the only sparkling wine that may be referred to as "Champagne." Bubbly from all other regions in the world are simply referred to as "sparkling wine". 

Ah ha, so, not every bubbly is champagne. 

Basically it's a category, or a name, simply dependent upon the region in which it's produced. 

There are as many sparkling wines as there are flavors of soda pop, therefore it would be almost impossible to narrow down all my favorites. But, I still have a preference toward the Italian sparkling wines, with Asti Spumante my go to bubbly. 

I love Rosa Regale, a rose sparkling bubby. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with love and surprises, and  just maybe a great bottle of vino. 

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Thespian Wench Thursday and NEW release with Em Petrova!

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers and welcome to The Locker...last week I posted a review of Em Petrova's hot short story, Double Dippin'. This week, she has graciously agreed to join me as she takes over The Locker. Please welcome Em as she introduces her to her latest release!

Somethin’ Dirty
By Em Petrova

Something old, new, borrowed and blue…and somethin’ dirty!

When the idea for Somethin’ Dirty crash-landed in my lap, I immediately heard my sexy, mature hero drawling these words. Griffin is a cowboy who is old enough to know what he wants—and that is Nola.

Nola’s youth presents a lot of problems for the couple, though. She wants a career in Nashville and wants out of their small town to fight for her dream. Trouble is, she’s intrigued by the cowboy single dad with a sick mother. Nola feels compelled to help him get his life in order, beginning by taking a job as his nanny.

Read on for a hot excerpt of Somethin’ Dirty, available Feb 11 from Samhain.

She’s headed for the big time…unless her heart gets stopped at the pass.
Country Fever, Book 4
Forty-two-year-old single father Griffin Turner couldn’t have made it through colic and calving season without his mother’s babysitting services. But just when he thinks he’s got the hardest part of the infant learning curve licked, he gets devastating news. Mom is sick. And Griffin is forced to hire a nanny.
With nothing but twenty dollars in her pocket and her voice, Nola Brady wants to leave small-town Wyoming to pursue her dreams in Nashville. She answers Griffin’s ad to keep body and soul together until her big chance arrives. Love isn’t even on her radar…until she unexpectedly falls for the rough-and-playful cowboy.
Between the sheets, they’re poetry. Outside the bedroom, he inspires her to be more woman than she ever dreamed possible, which scares her enough to put on the brakes…and hit the road.
But if she thought he’d just let her leave quietly, she was wrong. Because hell hath no fury like a cowboy in love…especially one with a baby on his hip. And a ring with her name on it.
Warning: This cowboy daddy is determined to make a May/September romance work—even if he has to lay down his palm or his mouth on a round ass cheek to do it.

What the hell was he thinking? Nola was twenty-five if she was a day. Was her brain even fully formed?

But oh Christ, the sight of her stomping her curvy legs to the beat as she ripped through the notes of that song made him harden painfully. When she flashed him a grin, he focused on her luscious pout and his cock swelled another inch. How, he wasn’t sure.

The first two songs she’d sung had blown him away. Reedy’s superstar was an understatement. The girl could sing. What was she even doing in small-town Wyoming?

She strutted across the stage on those little red cowgirl boots, the frayed hem of her mini-skirt riding high on her thighs.

He had to get out of here before he lost control. He’d sworn off younger women. Nola was probably a student just like Miranda.

He stared at the dark strawberry blonde waves spilling over her shoulders and reaching for her cleavage, and he knew he was in serious lust. Lust equaled trouble. What could he do anyway? Take her home and halfway through hammer-f**king her over the edge of the bed, Lyric wakes up and screams for a bottle?

He scuffed a hand over his features, trying to wipe away the pounding need that must be evident in his expression. For an hour, he’d shirked his duties as designated driver, allowing others to shuttle people home so he could remain with Nola.

Nola. Her name tasted old-fashioned and brand-new at once on his tongue. A pretty little thing with tanned legs and a killer voice. What she was doing in Reedy, wasting those talents was beyond him. But he wasn’t ready to see her go yet, if that was her plan.

She threw her head back and held a long, throaty note that raised the hair all over his body.

Applause erupted, and he stuck two fingers in his mouth and gave a shrill whistle. When she scanned the crowd and sought him, his balls clenched up tight. That look held more promise than a man of his age and carrying his amount of baggage deserved.

Still, could he pass it up if she offered?

She jumped off the stage for the third time that night, and someone handed her a shot glass brimming full. Some of the amber liquid sloshed down her fingers, and all he could think of was guiding those digits to his mouth and sucking them clean.

Holding his gaze, Nola knocked back the whiskey.

He stepped forward and removed the glass from her hand. Setting it on the edge of the stage, he caught her fingers. She inched close, invading his senses with lush curves and the ripe scent of vanilla and arousal.

Perspiration dotted her throat, and he licked his lips, hungry for a taste.

“You’ve had too much to drink. I’m taking you home.”

“I was hopin’ you’d say that.” She waved at the redhead who had to be her sister, then pointed at him.

Griffin shot the sister his best nice-guy smile. No, I’m not a rapist or murderer. I’ll see your sister home safe. I just might steal a kiss or more if she’ll allow.

Heart wild in his chest, he wrapped an arm around Nola’s waist and guided her out of The Hellion. The brisk night air cut through the heat of his need, and he gulped the coldness into his lungs.

Maybe he shouldn’t try anything, just take her home and be honorable.

“My truck’s over here.” He waved at a well-used truck splattered with mud from the back tires and wished like hell he had something fancy for her.

She walked at his side, as steady as if she hadn’t drunk three beers and a whiskey throughout the night. For a little gal like her, that was a lot of alcohol, even spread out over a few hours. She could still sing like crazy even with alcohol in her veins.

By the time he guided her into the truck, he’d made up his mind that he wasn’t even going to try to kiss her. But when he got in and she scooted all the way over in her seat, leaning over the console, and threaded a hand into the hair at his nape, all self-control went up in a puff of smoldering hope.

“Where does a guy like you come from? I’ve never seen you in Reedy before.”

“I’ve lived here all my life.” His lips were inches from hers, and her breath washed over him. He studied her hooded eyes and the tips of her lashes, dark with mascara. Stripped of makeup, her lashes would be red-gold.

And the hair between her legs too.

“Hell,” he groaned and dropped his mouth to hers.

The first taste punched him in the gut. He snapped his arms around her, hauling her over the console and onto his lap. She clung to him, soft and willing female, her silky thighs draped over his.

He sealed her mouth under his for several seconds then could stand no more. He probed the seam of her lips with his tongue.

She opened to him at once. Her quiet mewl transformed into his croak of need. He trapped her face in his hands and angled her head to sink his tongue deeper into the sweet recesses of her mouth.

Pleasure-pain built in his groin, his erection throbbing against her maddening heat.

He bent her back over his arm until she was pinned to the driver’s door, sucking her tongue, nibbling her plump lips.

She wiggled and tugged on his hair, drawing him closer. Her breasts conformed to his chest as if she’d been made for him.

He tore away. Gasping, he stared down at her. She squirmed like a kitten under the gaze of a hawk.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t…”

She twisted a hank of his hair. “I wanted you to.”

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Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes – in bed and out~

 Thank you for graciously joining us in The Locker, Em. I wish you much luck with your newest release and I hope you will visit with us again. 

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Tuesday Tales and Do You Have the Heart?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a new WIP I have going under my sweet pseudonym Allee Mae. It's the 3rd in my YA paranormal romance series the Critter Getters. This book is entitled Finding Love in a Black Lagoon. In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day, our word prompt today is "heart" and I wonder if there has ever been a time that we've had a more popular word to write to.

Without further ado...please see my snippet with "heart" as the prompt word.

Owen leaned back slightly and scowled. “You aren’t as dang tough as you pretend. And, even if you were…well.” Owen held up his hand and rubbed his thumb and pointer finger together.

Pearl narrowed her eyes and jammed her lips together. She sat for several seconds dying to ask, but remained torn between fake detachment and genuine curiosity.  The truth finally killed the cat. “What the hell is that supposed to be?”

“Oh, you don’t know? It’s the world’s smallest violin playing my heart bleeds for you.” A grin slowly spread as smooth as melted butter, even his eyes got involved.

“You’re an idiot…really certifiable.” Pearl pursed her lips together, vainly attempting to squelch her own beaming smile.

Owen’s face remained pleasant even if the smile faded. “All’s I’m saying is you aren’t the only one who had a rough time, maybe even still has a rough time. I empathize more than you can imagine. Probably more like something out of a hillbilly reality show gone wrong.”

“I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.” Pearl whispered and drew her knees up to her chest.

“Won’t happen.” Owen reached out and placed his hand on one knee. “I’m made of something indestructible, or I wouldn’t be sitting here with you right now. Trust me on this.” Owen drained the last bit of water. “I’ll make you a deal, we hang out this afternoon and see how comfortable we are. With every hour we spend together, we tell each other one more thing from our closet of gnarly secrets.”

“Gnarly? That’s how you describe your skeletons?”

“Yes, gnarly.”

“Well, Owen, mine are beastly. My pride alone pushes me into this crazy closet-skeleton octagon match.  I’ll kick your gnarly ass six ways to Sunday with my trophy case of epic fails.”

“Pearl, I stopped a long time ago trying to one up any competition in the shit happens category.”

Pearl dipped her head to one side and stuck out her bottom lip. “Aww, an unimpressive resume of action?”

“No, I got tired of everyone running away from me scared.”

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Tuesday Tales

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Review Review Review Novella by Em Petrova

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers and it’s review time in the The Locker again. So, I got my feet wet with ménage when I wrote my newest release, Sexy Bea Spelling.

I don’t know about you, but, I will admit the thought of two gals and one guy is scintillating to me. I’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, to wonder if I’ve done it or not…

Anyway, I digress. This post is all about Em Petrova and her short piece, Double Dippin’.

We have the usual set up scene, an office and a buxom administrative assistant just setting herself up for a good time by being in the right place at the right time. Bosses who are secret lovers, but, who can’t seem to get enough of fantasizing about their come hither aide with the quivering thighs. Yea, that’s what this adds up to.

If you want a quick read for satisfying steam, give Double Dippin’ a whirl. It opened my mind up to possibilities and released some inhibitions…even if they were all in my imagination.

I give Double Dippin’ 4 snowflakes. 

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Tuesday Tales Traipsing Through a Field

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a new WIP I have going under my sweet pseudonym Allee Mae. It's the 3rd in my YA paranormal romance series the Critter Getters. This book is entitled Finding Love in a Black Lagoon. Our word prompt today is "field" and I have plenty I can say with this particular prompt.

Without further ado...please see my snippet with "field" as the prompt word.

Owen’s voice became uncharacteristically gruff. “I said I would be okay, I’m a grown man. Dammit, you aren’t my mother.”

Caleb stomped off. “Sure, you’re okay, don’t come griping to me when you get cancer or some radioactive sickness.” He yelled ahead to the girls. “Owen’s gonna stay here in the weeds and get ticks. He said never mind about him.”

The breeze settled through the brush and dipped low, providing relief from the heavy air. Pearl smiled at Owen and offered him a bottle of water. “Thirsty? Looks like you guys have been hiking for most of the day.”

He accepted the refreshment gratefully. “It’s been a busy morning.”

“Have you found anything suspicious out here? I mean, you are looking for something, I assume.”

“We are looking for evidence of paranormal activity.” Owen fiddled with a lace on his shoe. “I guess you’d say we investigate the sometimes unbelievable.”

“I’ve seen plenty in these woods.” A bead of sweat fell into a drop down Pearl’s temple. “But, I know how to handle myself.”

“You do…don’t you, Pearl? How is that? You are always alone, almost isolated…at least anytime I’ve seen you.”

“You can’t count on people to cut you a fair deal, I’ve had to make friends with nature. There’s nothing in these woods that would hurt me.”

Owen plucked a wild oat from in front of him. He chewed the end thoughtfully. “I want a chance to prove you wrong.”

“Prove me wrong? Excuse me Ghostbuster, but, I do believe I know this swamp better than you do and I don’t plan to get hurt just to see you point and giggle.”

Owen removed the thin weed from his mouth. “No, that’s not what I meant. I want a chance to prove you wrong about people, Pearl. I want to be your friend.”

“You don’t know me from Jack the Ripper. Why would you wanna be friends with a person like me?”
Owen shrugged and adjusted his ball cap. “You aren’t a serial killer type, you seem to have much in common with me and I would like to be one human you can count on.”

“Count on you for how long, Owen? A week maybe? How long are you here for?” She cocked her head and adopted a questioning look. “We become best friends for a week so you can leave me? That makes so much sense.”

The air became heavy again while the billows rolled in over the warming sun. The rustling of bamboo, vines, and fresh new spring leaves completed the scene. Pearl raised her face upward, taking in the scant rays peeking through cottony clouds. “I’m fine with being alone, Owen. Don’t ask me too many questions, and I’ll do the same for you. We can hang out and talk while you’re here. I’ll be a part of your little conditioning experiment.” Pearl then scowled. “But, don’t expect too much from me. It ain’t a field of daisies walking in my huaraches.”

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