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Following is my interpretation in 100 words of what this picture depicts to me:

“I’ve never allowed anyone to blindfold me before, I’m not sure I like it,” She breathed heavily into his torso. He laughed and replied, “You know you do-- just as much as you like me to have a handful of your silky hair. You like relinquishing your control, admit it.”
“What I would like is for you to finish undressing,” as she tugged at the waistline of his pants. He disagreed, “Not so fast, my pretty, I’ve waited too long for this to rush now.”
He was about to up the ante. He reached around her for the violent wand……

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Ahh the beginning of a new week. Anyone have any really creepy Halloween stories to share? The weirder the

Something a bit uncomfortable

The Husband and I were in the adult store the other night. As I perused the supply on the wall, the vibrators were in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

However, I have to say, I'm not a fan of those that resemble---- animals.

Ok, seriously, names like the rabbit or dolphin. These are warm and fuzzy friends, sometime stuffed to take to bed at night for comfort. I didn't think that comfort changed as an adult. I don't envision taking a rubber or hard plastic rabbit to bed to ease my, ahem, sleeping problems.

I'm not knocking it if you have one, and please maybe you can help me understand what I seem to obviously be missing. Yes, Yes, I get it the double ears or bottle nose, but, can't those be shaped into something just as effective?

The one(s) I own are very plain and resemble some rocket or bullet, and I daresay they do the job just fine.

Ok, guess it's off to bed, and not with my stuffed rabbit. *wink*

Oohh, kiddies, better late than never....FFF

The feisty lil misses set up her companion quite well....she had him right where she wanted him:

“You could have at least taken the plug out of my ass before you put these atrocious pink Speedo-wannabe skivvies on me.” He growled.
“Nah, it’s time for YOU to be a little uncomfortable for a change.” She replied so sweetly, it was eerie.
“C’mon, I gave you what you wanted, now, untie me….please,” he begged. She chucked her tongue in disagreement, “Now, you didn’t really give anything to me, I still had to look for it. You vaguely told me where it could be.”
“Dammit, untie me! You have the stupid remote control, watch what you want tonight!”

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Greetings from the cubicle at Big Brother
this place squelches my creativity, but pays the bills

Spontaneous Combustion

They said it was a case of spontaneous combustion. Her common sense blew up and covered everyone with its toxic debris. What she considered righteous and wise was most anything else in the eyes of her peers. Her crafted words spewed hatefulness, spite, and contempt designed to tear down the happiness of anyone around her.
As her children desiccated into a shell of their former selves, she continued the rant. Squeezing the life of their promising souls, she would not stop until they felt just as badly as she did. Imagine bringing a child into the world, not to nourish and cherish, but just to build your own vile team. Everyone needs supporters, if you can’t recruit ‘em, create ‘em.
Thus, hate begets hate and the cycle continues. When you know no other way, it becomes easy to understand why we have atheists in this world. Words like grace, peace, and love have no place in their small and miserable world.
How sad they do not know there is another way to live….

Tidbit From New Book

As the first movie started, Indigo had no idea how she would fake it through the next several hours. Thankfully, the first movie had a story line that did not always involve teeth, blood, or screams. Indigo tried to relax and overcome her phobia, as the other girls’ eyes remained glued to the TV screen. Indigo discreetly kept her eyes closed for the majority of the first movie, but the sounds were enough to ignite the terror in her thoughts. Indigo opened her eyes long enough to catch the main character morphing excruciatingly into a werewolf. She sat stunned and speechless as his bones cracked and his skin popped during the painful transformation.

Flash Fiction Friday

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday. 100 words to describe one sizzling photo. Please visit our compilation blog of our group of writers who contribute to make one TGIF!

“I can’t believe I’m sneaking out the window for this!” muttered Olivia under her breath. She grabbed the silk nightgown as a precaution for the return home.
“Are we really going to rendezvous in the treehouse,” she whispered into the walkie talkie she retrieved from the back of her panties. She now realized she would need to buy a new one for her son, she could never let him put it up to his mouth again.
“Yes,” her husband seethed, “it’s the only place the kids won’t look! We only have twenty minutes, so hurry up, will you-- I’m hard!”

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The Idaho Kangaroo and Texas House Rabbit

These chronicles are just beginning. How can two such unlikely figures be so instrumental in resetting my wayward sights on hope and resilience?
Anytime I think I could be lost or down, once again there they are leading me through the darkness. In the midst of any snow storm or life crisis.
It is also there when I need to be there for someone I love. Like tonight.
Allee, I hope we see the Texas House Rabbit again and he makes us his permanent home once more.
To be continued...

Hmm....could it be????

Sarah did not believe she began life equating pain with pleasure.  The usual formative years give way to the natural progression of pleasure begets pleasure.  However, along that path, sometimes something deviant occurs.  Intentionally disobeying as a child invokes the spanking, in turn invoking…..pleasure?  How can this be?  Sarah did not begin life embracing the role of masochist.  She was a quiet, yet well-behaved child who rarely received corporal punishment.