Tuesday Tales - I'm a Survivor


Happy December Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, a Game of Inches,
for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week our group writes to the following word prompt, dance. Will Sharlyn survive?
“When I made this decision, I didn’t have to think. I moved into action mode and wanted to get it done. Now, I wonder, will I ever dance at my sister’s wedding? Will I even be invited?”
“Marty, you’re an incredible man, with a huge heart. I’m only sorry I didn’t see it sooner. I suppose I did, I just pretended it was all a lie.”
I was so torn, I still loved Lola, but, I couldn’t forget what she did. Every time I see Sharlyn, I see Lola. The beautiful younger version, full of the goodness and kindness Lola never had. I knew it from the beginning, but, I’d hope she would change.
People don’t change. “Lola, if I’m lucky enough to be a part of Sharlyn’s life, I don’t know how to do it and avoid you. It kills me so much inside, wanting you so much, loving you so much. I don’ t know how to let go, I long for you down to my soul. You could be the death of me.” Why the hell did I want to say these things? Something about the possibility of death makes people say the words locked within their heart. Lola was locked within my heart, and I was merely a prisoner in hers.
“We have to think Sharlyn will pull through this. She has to. I won’t accept anything less.”
A knock on the door interrupted anymore drivel I would spout to Lola. It didn’t do any good.
“So, Marty, how are you today?” The doctor eyed Lola. I don’t believe a person alive could ignore her.
“I’m okay, still sore, but, I’m not complaining.”
“You still have a fever, we will have to keep you until we make sure the infection is gone.”
“I understand, doc, it is what it is.” I had to ask, I could only hope he’d  tell me. “How is Sharlyn?”
The doctor sighed, flipping through a clipboard. “She’s fighting, that girl is a fighter for sure. I can’t say much more.”
Dear Lord, Sharlyn may have more of Lola’s best than I ever realized. A fighter. Just like her momma.
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Jean Joachim said…
I love the angst of the lover trying to leave his love, but not able to. This is an emotional scene so beautifully done.
Sarah Cass said…
So much emotion in the scene. Very nice.
WonWonderful scene. Love the paragraph about how she is locked in his heart.

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