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I'm excited this month to be part of BookRhythm's March FLASH Frenzy. 

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What do you do in your spare time?-
I collect cookbooks, I love to cook and can foods, keep the birdfeeders full, try to keep my Netflix addiction under control, think about new tattoos, and keep up with my crazy family. I used to exercise and participate in triathlons, but, about 3 years ago I began getting sick. The doctors knew I had auto-immune diseases, but, it took a very long time and so many doctors to determine I have rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogrens Syndrome. Now, I do yoga at least twice a week and am adapting my life. I’m not ready to let diseases dictate my life, it’s about getting back to my normal.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Guest Guest Guest! Be My Guest!!! Amanda Bretz....

Ahoy this beautiful first full day of #spring!  the #equinox happened yesterday in the Dallas area underneath a cloud-covered rainy day...but, I'll take it. Fill the lakes!

Today we have the amazing Amanda Bretz...she has a new release you just might like. 

take it away, Amanda!!

Thank you for hosting me on your blog today.

TKO of the Heart is a contemporary romance set in present day Miami South Beach.
The book is the first in a new sports romance trilogy called The Ladies of Athena’s Gym, which focuses on the romances that blossom between sexy heroes and athletic heroines.
When I set out to write this story in the fall of 2014, I wrote and submitted it for a publisher’s special call out for stories about bridesmaids finding true love at a wedding. Originally, this was a standalone novella—the story still does standalone and ends with a happily ever after—but after I sent the manuscript off, another idea started to take shape. I started thinking about the way most sports romances are series that center on male athletes and the non-athlete women who fall in love with them.
I wondered why a series can’t show that idea in reverse. Why can’t there be a series about professional women athletes who fall in love with non-athlete men?
While I waited to hear back from the publisher on the submission, I developed the series idea further and created an outline for books two and three. The publisher decided to pass on the story as it wasn’t a right fit for them, but by the time I learned of their decision, I was so in love with my characters and the trilogy idea that I didn’t let their rejection discourage me.

That’s the back story of how the series came to be, now here’s more about the characters. I chose to make the heroine of TKO of the Heart a bit unorthodox, a little tough, but with a tender, true heart. My main character, Frankie, is a female boxer and just as her name and profession implies, she’s no girly-girl shrinking violet. The man of her dreams actually starts out as a guy who she finds attractive, but supremely annoying. Gabe is a radio personality famous for being obnoxious and opinionated. Most of the time he has difficulty separating his on air image from his true personality and Frankie’s tough, no-nonsense exterior helps him examine that issue within himself.
I loved the playing with the “enemies to lovers” romance trope in this story. Sometimes under the layers of irritation and discontent, true passion can flourish. I had a lot of fun writing these two strong-willed characters and I hope readers love them as much as I do!

TKO of the Heart book blurb

Frankie “The Machine” Mancini knows how to bob and weave and recover from a left hook in the boxing ring. What she doesn’t know how to do? Be a bridesmaid. When her best friend Rachel calls on her to take part in her special day, Frankie reluctantly agrees. It’s not until she travels to the destination wedding in Miami that the real problem starts. The best man is none other than Gabe Boyd, a cocky, obnoxious radio personality who she thinks is determined to ruin her time in South Beach, but when the two are thrown together to resolve a wedding snafu, her view of the self-proclaimed “rogue of the radio” changes. Gabe shows her he has another side to him, he can be warm, caring and romantic. She can’t tell if his cocky demeanor is part of his on air persona or if he’s truly changed for her. Maybe the rules of the ring can be applied to matters of the heart. Stay on your toes. Always keep an eye on your opponent. Protect yourself.

TKO of the Heart releases Tuesday, March 17 and is available for pre-order on Amazon  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U0EFDSU

About the author

In addition to being an author of contemporary, historical and erotic romance, Amanda Bretz holds a degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. She has worked as a journalist in both print and online news. Amanda writes romantic stories with a happy ending and invites readers to experience the rush of falling in love.
When not writing, Amanda can be found whipping up something delectable in her kitchen, spending time in nature or getting lost in a good book.
She resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband.

Does This Look Sexual to You? #Secretary

Ahoy  Fellow Fathomers! Happy Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day! I’m stuck inside for the majority of the day when I really should be exposing these reflector enhanced legs to some sunshine. Not that I tan well anyway, but I can at least achieve a muted shade of ivory over bright fluorescent white.
I will not voice an opinon either way on FSOG. I've read many books, some including BDSM elements, and I write books with some BDSM elements. Please know this blog embraces all books in the genre.

Since I’m inside, I can write to you all! So, today in The Locker, Jumping on the bandwagon, I decided to talk about the recent hullaballoo over the raging BDSM and erotic romance craze sweeping the globe.  Yep, if you are on this blog, chances are in my favor that you know what I’m talking about, you know this Fifty Shades of Grey thing.

I find it ironic that in one of my all time fave movies, Secretary, the lead male protagonist’s name is E. Edward Grey. Coincidence, hmmm, we will have to wonder if there is meant to be an underlying familiarity. I own a copy of Secretary, even bought a second when my first DVD disappeared. I've watched the movie countless times, can recite the dialogue, and LOVE the movie soundtrack. I also recently downloaded the movie on Google Play and watch on my Smart Phone. Yeah, I'm obsessed.

Three Days Waiting on Prince Charming- "Put your hands on the desk, palms down, and don't move until I get back."
Secretary resonated with me for many reasons. I first watched the movie while going through a divorce. I watched the movie and immediately, it spoke to me. (weird, maybe) But, Mr. Grey's law office was located on Ardmore Street. I worked in Ardmore, OK. I started counting all the coincidences and reasons I was meant to view this amazing film. Mr. Grey brought out the hidden confidence, beauty, and empowerment in Lee Holloway. Lee came to him broken, meek, self-deprecating. He loved her enough to help her shine.

If you enjoy or curious about this world, I encourage you to watch Secretary. No, there aren't the eye popping sex scenes. The mental display and devotion are enough to make me swoon. This movie gets down to the brass tacks.

 I wanted a new kind of freedom and found it in a dungeon club in Dallas. While my time there was limited, I found wonder and stomach dropping delight in what these folks were doing. It was so expressive, therapeutic, and awe-inspiring. Secretary the Movie
Worth the Wait, Absolutely

For fun, I opened up Google and typed in simply, BDSM- many more things popped up this time than they did about nine years ago when I first began checking it out. Yes, brutal truth here, I dabbled in The Lifestyle for a while and greatly enjoyed the experience. I learned many new and valuable aspects about myself. Most of the joy I practiced came mentally from private revelations and personal growth-all related to elements of BDSM play. Rotten Tomatoes Review Secretary

Wow, what a ride… However, my own experiences pale shamefully in comparison to what I really wanted to try. Most of my imagery comes strictly from the depths of my sometimes-twisted imagination.  When you read anything of mine, you will just have to wonder what I personally own and what I cooked up. ;)
My BDSM Book
It was around this timeframe, ten or so years ago, I began the outline for my book, Finless. As words took shape, I built it chapter by chapter until I had a workable novel. I added elements to surprise and intrigue that just may offend some readers, but, if it gets you thinking and talking, then, I’ve attained my goal with Finless.

Meeting Coach Dom Lola

A Dominatrix Takes Control In This Series
If I could share anything from my four decades on this planet, it would be encouragement for you. Read something new, research what fascinates you, and breathe new life into your lungs. Fathomers, take a chance, take a risk, try something new-a big, bold new world awaits and maybe it starts with just one sentence...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Tales and Love Birds...ahhh spring

Happy Spring Forward Tuesday Tales... Today, I present my current WIP, Love Birds

This week our group writes to the rather innocuous word, stair. I put a different spin on the usual meaning for their introduction...

"This looks more like a stair step.”
“You’re doing a great job. The birds will love it.”
This do-it-yourself birdhouse looked more like a rectangle shipping box. I can’t believe my cousin talked me into this ridiculous party. “Terri, why did I let you drag me to this?”
“Because you sit home every night watching romantic comedies and drinking your habitual one glass of sweet wine. You gotta get out of that apartment.”
Positioning the nail just right, I poised my hammer to take aim. Raring back, I hit hard- much harder than I should. Especially since the nail dropped out of the little hole leaving my thumb exposed. “Holy shit that hurt!”
“Dang it, Sunni, what did you do?” Terri became all motherly, using her six months older age as a benefit. Inspecting my clamped hand, trying to get a closer look. “Open your fist, let me see.”
“No, the damn thing is pounding like a freaking freight train.”
“Freight trains don’t pound.”
“You’re not helping.” I managed through clenched teeth.
An unfamiliar male voice interrupted my bitching. “Hey, are you okay?”
After several seconds I finally took my eyes off my injury. Oh, dear Lord, he looked like he belonged in a do-it-yourself ad for lonely women.
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Fantasy League - Personal Fouls - what was HE thinking?

Release day for book three of the Fantasy Leagues, Personal Fouls.

I challenge you to write a 1000-5000 word depiction of your favorite dating experience. This could be real or imagined, no one will ever know unless you tell us. Please paste in comments below or email to me finlessbook@gmail.com   The winners will receive prizes and their depiction published in my series!

Buy Now .99
You will now get a closer look at Personal Fouls:

“How am I supposed to walk away when you won’t even let me try, let us try? No sane person on earth gives up before the game’s even played.”
“A game is right, Marty. Everything I do is a contest, nothing meaningful. As much as I honestly put in, nothing good ever happens. I’m a destroyer, intent on hurting myself.”
“Bullshit! What a pathetic excuse to stay a player. Would you recognize extraordinary if faced with it? Because I recognize it every single time I see you.”
“Do you really want this?” Lola squared off like a gunfighter in the Old West.
“Absolutely. You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. When I see you, I live in the moment. I don’t care about the future, what could or couldn’t happen. I’m more present with you, more engaged, than I’ve ever been before. I couldn’t control my body if I wanted to. Like some dark corridor, I want to know where you lead.” I rushed her, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other gently gripping her neck. I tilted her head, positioning just where I wanted to kiss first. “I want the full Lola experience.”
“You’ll be sorry you want me so badly. You’ll hate me in the end.” Her chest heaved, her breath came in deep bursts. Lola’s neck and chest flushed with red splotches.
I had to take her, bite her neck like the hungry man I was. “Give me the chance to make up my own damn mind.” I leaned down, nibbling her collar bone.
Lola moaned, I didn’t give a fuck what her mouth said, her body told the truth. “Marty…holy shit.” She grabbed my belt loops, crushing me into her hips.
Game on.
Putting off the important first kiss, I wanted the peak of our energy one hundred percent, the moment our lips touched had to be perfect. I dragged the tip of my tongue, following the carotid artery up her neck. The arched vein pulsed, engorged, just like my cock. The oxygen rushed to our brains, fully awakening our deepest desires. The runner’s high wrapped around us both, shooting us into the most exciting atmosphere I’d ever known. “You’re amazing, the most delectable thing I’ve ever touched with my tongue.”

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Tales, What's My Address..

Happy March!

This week our group writes to the word prompt, "address".

“Michael, it’s so good to see you man.”
“It’s awesome to see you awake. You scared the shit out of me.”
“I don’t remember much, all of a sudden, bam, we were on the ground. How did I get out of there?”
“We heard the commotion and immediately went out to the square. It took a little bit to find you, we finally did and got you in to safety.”
“What about Prisha? She got hurt too.”
“She’s alive, don’t worry about her.”
“C’mon Michael, you gotta tell me more than that. I was protecting her.”
“Why don’t you concentrate on getting your skinny ass outta that bed? You ain’t no good to anyone stuck on your back with an IV.”
“I’m trying. My body is on a delay, like a television show to keep out anything inappropriate.”
“Huh?” Obviously, Michael wasn’t familiar with how network programming works.
“What I mean is, I can think about what I want to do, but, my body doesn’t react right away. I want to move my leg and it takes a few seconds for the command to work.”
“The good news is you’re gonna get better. You can make it out of this.”
“Okay, then, why isn’t anyone telling me about Prisha? She matters, dude, she’s my friend.”
Michael walked around the room, cracking his knuckles. Something was up, he was avoiding any talk about Prisha. I think she really died and no one thinks I can handle the truth. Just like in that movie. “I can handle the truth. If she’s dead, just tell me. I have to deal with it sometime.”
“You don’t need any more shit piled up.”
“Shit? I knew what could happen, I put my life on the line. I was in the moment, unafraid but scared shitless at the same time. Hell, I probably pissed my pants lying there in the dirt with all those explosions going off around me. If I need to deal with more, then, for God’s sake, give it to me now so I can heal all the way around.” I don’t think Michael believed me. “I’m no pussy.”
“Such a mouth, Guardian.” He shook his head, but also smiled. Maybe I was getting through to him.
“Listen, your friend, Prisha, I’m not sure that’s even her real name.”
“Please explain. Why would she lie about her name?”
“She was working with the enemy.” Another bomb dropped in the room next to me. However, this one fell with a cruel, silent explosion. The blast reverberated within my consciousness, breaking me to the core.
“No way, not her. She was young, vibrant, happy.”
“She’s an amazing actress.” Michael rubbed a callous on his palm. “I don’t know what to tell you.”
“Is she really alive?”
“Yes, she’s alive, but not doing very well. We have her imprisoned in a medical unit- a secure address.”
“Imprisoned? What the hell can she do from a hospital bed?”

“She’s dangerous, Guardian.”

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Tuesday Tales

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Tales and a Sultry Image

Happy early Valentine's Day!

This week our group writes to a very sexy inspired photo:

Our picture prompts are only 300 words, no less - no more. Let's see how this image inspired me this week.  

"We are open with each other, I’m still the same woman.”

“I’m not the same man.”  I wouldn’t leave anything open ended.

“I know you are, Rudy. You have a new energy.” She leaned down to kiss me, lingering face to face, catching my gaze. “You’re extraordinary.”

How could Lola not know this energy came from our connection? “In many ways, you make me better.When I first met you, I didn’t know what I was missing out on. You filled the gaps, all the spaces my love needed to go.”

“Love?” Hiding a shy smile, she spurred me on, I couldn’t stop now. “But, we have a strange beginning.”

“I won’t stop coming to the LockHim Room. We created an atmosphere of trust, love- the ultimate connection. I trust you more than anyone.”

“I know, I loved being in there with you. It’s just…we had a different routine then.”

“Do you think people in wheelchairs can’t get into S & m?”

“I never thought about the situation.”

“I’m more than a situation, Lola. I’m a flesh and blood man, the same man as when I stood on two feet taking your flogger and eating up every…single… moment.” Our conversation couldn’t end with her feeling sorry for me, I didn’t want that. “I don’t want you hanging around here if you won’t accept me as the same man you whipped for both our pleasures.” Not now, she couldn’t reject me now. Not when I had so little pride left. I could never let her see how broken I still was.

“What if I hurt you?”

“Seriously? That’s your response. I’m not the weakling getting sand kicked in my face. You’re my rescuer for a completely different reason. You make me feel like the man I was before this damn accident.”

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Tuesday Tales