Monday, August 31, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Do You Have a Hardy Heart?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the teasing word, hardy. From Steal My Heart, a new WIP for a new series.

Her cell phone ringing interrupted Carolyn’s respite. Only Nixie knew where she was, and wouldn’t call- probably not even if an emergency had her panicked. Looking at the number, she immediately saw George’s name, and she blanched. Not even declining the call, she let it ring till it stopped, debating on turning the damn thing off. What happened to the days of landlines and the ability to disappear without interruption?

He called again three more times before stopping. Her heart dropped each time he reached out. What would she say exactly?  I’m sorry, I made out with your brother before he felt me up. I couldn’t tell the difference, so…sorry.

How ridiculous was the way she berated herself. She’d never been so self-deprecating and it pissed her off. A text message then appeared before she threw her phone behind the bed.

Hey, please talk to me.

Dammit, why did he have to be so charming? She didn’t have to answer, and could ignore him as long as she wanted. Only a few moments went by before another message appeared.

I want to help you.

No, she still wouldn’t reply, although her fingers itched to respond. Physical reaction drowned her resolve, making it tough to swim in the waters of tenacity. She could reach out for the life preserver he offered, all it took was a few letters.

Blink once for yes and twice for no.

Damn, he was persistent, adding humor to the tension was a classic ice-breaker. Maybe he would understand, all she had to do was answer. George didn’t even know what happened, unless Charles the snake went bragging. The thought flowed through her veins like ice water, there’s no telling what Charles would say to twist the dagger. She didn’t know how far their rivalry went back, but, based upon her experience with them, it had to have begun in utero. Carolyn should give her side of the story first, getting a head start on the drama.

Or, maybe she call the whole thing off and George packing, along with Charles. They could beg the full amount from the bank, sidestepping the complications of adding this particular partner.

I don’t know what happened, but, I’ll kill him if he hurt you.

Shit just got real with that last text. With George so angry all day, every day about his brother, could she risk the reality George would actually commit bodily harm to Charles? Maybe it was time to at least reply. The scumbag wasn’t worth jail time.

I’m okay, just needed some time. Please let things go for now.

Adding the for now at the end gave him permission from her to wait, possibly calming the current situation down. Hopefully, he understood the unspoken promise she’d talk with him later.

Waiting impatiently, she hoped he’d accept her proposal. Another text should come through at any time. He was so intent on opening this unexplained hardy dialogue.

Or not.




Why didn’t he reply? Alarmed, she checked the power on her phone, yes, it was charged. Yes, she had service connections. Captive to worry, she had to reach out again, it mattered if he was there or not, regardless if she didn’t want the sentiment.

Are you there?

The reply came quickly, no hesitation across the air waves- Always.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Tuesday Tales and We're Writing!

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the teasing word, writing. From Steal My Heart, a new WIP for a new series.

"What happens when this place bores you, after you’ve invested so much time and money into it?”

“I could think of plenty of ways this place wouldn’t bore me.” A smile that could only be termed as mischievous crept slowly across his mouth. His lips were incredible.

Shaking off a primal instinct to strut or attempt to mating call. Carolyn tried to remain professional. Both these guys tweaked a nerve, but George had the sensitivity to back it up. Why was he so damn enticing? “I’m not all starry eyed by the rich guy.”

“My interest in Heart Nectar is completely legit, as is my interest in getting to know you better.”

Oh, dear God, he’s actually coming on to me. What do you say to that? “Look George, you're pleasant enough and attractive. I just don’t see how few minutes we’ve spent here during a meeting makes you interested in me.” Suddenly it made sense. The rivalry between those twin brothers was so intense it merged both business and pleasure. Acquiring the target was a game. “Although the business might be up for a backer, its owners aren’t.”

This reminded Carolyn of freshman year in high school, when Joey Donahue rocked her world. Carolyn’s beauty had been a work in progress. Surviving buck teeth and a bad haircut in junior high, she’d never gotten the interest of any boys. While many friends around her passed love notes back and forth, she concentrated on things she could control, like schoolwork and gardening. Gardening is where her interest in grapes first began. Making something desirable from something plain became her dream. Maybe it mirrored the way she felt about herself, some sort of getting better with age or other immature thought process. The summer before high school began, however, became the turning point in her femininity. Her face grew into her teeth, which in turn straightened on their own, settling into her mouth perfectly. Her hair grew long and silky, and her breasts filled out. She was like the new girl in town although she’d been there all her life.

Joey flashed her a smile in the hallway during a passing period. She instinctively looked over her shoulder for the intended recipient. With no one there, she quickly turned back around to find him standing directly in front of her, still flashing that smile. "Hey, how was your summer?"

“Um… um… it was good. Was, what about you?” Why the hell did she sound so lame? She known this guy for years. But this line of questioning was something intensely new.

“It was great. Yours was better than good, it was great too. I mean look at how beautiful you are.”

Oh Lord, she’d never been called beautiful by anyone other than family. Why was her breath stuck in her throat? She’d even seen him eat dirt once, a long time ago. It was one of those double dog dare situations that drew a crowd. So why was she so tongue-tied in front of them, the dirt eater? “Thanks.” The short answer that thankfully she managed out.

“I got to get to practice, but let’s talk again later, K?”

He walked away before she answered him. Of course the now hunky, good-looking football player had all the confidence of someone who’d never actually eat dirt. The arrogance was strangely appealing. By the time several weeks had went by he’d smooth talk her all the way to second base. Those new breasts got her more attention than she was ready for. Turns out he was only interested in her new territory for status among the guys. She was the target between two guys she’d known for years.

She questioned everyone’s motives after that. One demeaning experience triggered a doubt she’d never shake.

“I’m an honorable man. You’ll see that in time.” The way he stared into her eyes could be quite convincing, if she weren't so shrewd.

“I’ll say put all your intentions in writing. We'll have the structure of a contract to keep your intentions in line.”

“We're back to business again.”

“Absolutely we're back to business again I’d never put a personal relationship into a contract. Are you crazy?” Mail order brides and other arrangements might require signatures, but she wasn’t interested in that.

“I’d like to see the vineyard before I have my attorney prepare the paperwork. Are you good with that?”

It made sense he'd want to see the vineyard. I mean he didn’t want to invest in a bunch of scraggly plants hoping to become lush vines. “Of course, you make perfect sense.” A glance out the window showed Carolyn a trip then wouldn’t be worth much. Dusk was quickly becoming full on nightfall. Did this mean she’d have to see him again that quickly? “It’s really too dark right now to see much.”

“Dark or not, I’m seeing quite a bit. And I really like what I see.”

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Tales, Where Does Love Bloom?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the teasing word, bloom. From Steal My Heart, a new WIP for a new series.

The girls placed new tablecloths on a few tables in the tasting room. Rich color accentuated the wood plank walls. Their business already looked like something from a wine cellar. Expanding upon the current theme should be simple enough. However the girls had plenty to talk with Brent about regarding his suggestions and what could be done in their planned renovations. With the closed sign displayed for a few hours, the girls focused on the questions they had for Brent, prepped a few of their favorite food items, and set a few bottles of wine out for him to choose from. Nixie suddenly stopped, giving Carolyn a befuddled look. “Do grapes actually bloom?”

A knock sounded on their front door, interrupting her reply. “Look, you really are nervous, you can’t even remember about our prime ingredient. That’s your queue. Why don’t you go let our guest in?”

“Seriously, I thought maybe you could open the door and give me time to look all casual sitting at the table.”

“No, you need to be the one to let him in. It shows him how happy you are to see him, how excited you are.”

“I didn’t think I should seem so eager. Isn’t that a common downfall of dating?”

Giving Nixie a gentle push, Carolyn retreated to one of the tables. “Playing hard to get is overrated. Stop looking all the dating advice, and do what you want to do. I don’t think Brent is too hung up on the latest dating trends.”

Nixie ran her hand through her blonde hair. Smoothing the front of her dress, she took a deep breath then let it out slowly. Walking toward the door, she corrected her slouching posture, and appeared confident, though her insides were jumping around frantically. Placing her hand on the doorknob, she licked her lips, and instantly thought of Brent’s mouth, and wondered how he might kiss. “Dear Lord, I’ve got to get out more.”

Opening the door, her mind went back to the couple of times she’d seen him. The first time wearing his work clothes, he’d looked rugged and strong. Yet, the next time at the zoo, he was casual, yet well-dressed. He definitely knew how to outfit himself. Unsure what to expect, Nixie’s eyes widened when she saw him there in pressed slacks and a polo shirt unbuttoned enough to reveal a peek at his tanned chest. Reaching out a hand to shake, Brent quickly changed his mind and pulled her in to a full hug. “You look beautiful. I don’t know what smells better your hair, or whatever you two have cooking up back there.”

“Oh, it’s probably the cinnamon rolls.” Unsure what to say, within the first minute of his appearance, Nixie completely melted into appreciation. If this guy wasn’t 100% genuine, he was sure one hell of an actor.

Still holding onto her, he leaned in again, taking a gentle sniff of her hair. “After careful consideration I must say the cinnamon rolls have nothing on the delicious way you smell.” Pulling away, Brent look toward the back, visibly embarrassed. “So where’s the other half of this operation?” Peering around, he brought his gaze back to her. “I bet I sound ridiculous, don’t I?”

“Not at all, you don’t sound ridiculous. I’m quite flattered.”

“Yeah well my cousin Austin was telling me I should try some bold tactic when I saw you again. I’m not much in the dating scene, so I thought I’d give his advice to try. But instead I kinda sounded like a weird perv.”


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Monday, July 20, 2015

Tuesday Tales, the Eye of the Tiger...

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the teasing word, Tiger. From Steal My Heart, a new WIP for a new series.

"Who needs a tiger when we have a cougar?" Nixie wrinkled her nose never taking her eyes off the beautiful woman and her obviously younger companion. “What am I doing wrong?”

“You aren’t wrong, absolutely nothing is wrong with you. Will you be easier on my poor best friend?” Carolyn snacked on popcorn, staring into the tiger enclosure. “You had a great idea to come to the zoo, it’s been way too long. I guess I’ve been way too stressed out.”

“Nothing like childhood to bring a smile, huh?” Finally turning around away from the snuggling couple, she snagged a few pieces of popcorn from Carolyn’s bucket. “Today, we don’t think about men, wine, money, business, or being an adult. We pretend we are young again, when these creatures fascinated us.”

“We are supposed to not think about men when you just described them perfectly? You know, creatures, but, maybe not fascinate me as much as irritate me.”

“You’re still judging all men by some glied-face named Charles. We should ban the name Charles from our vocabulary.”

“As good as done, I won’t ever use that name again. At least not today, not on such a beautiful day.”

Before the sun beat down relentlessly from the clear mid-western sky, the girls took the opportunity to visit a nearby zoo. The early morning dew still sparkled on blades of green grass. Smells of enclosures without the harsh stench of wildlife invigorated promise of the warming day. Animals readied for guests , if not domesticated, at least accustomed to human presence. The heat drove them inside shades or quasi-caves making morning the perfect time for the girls to visit. Neither one had been to a zoo in years, evidenced by youthful enthusiasm, frequent giggles, and pointing in many directions.

“Why can’t things be as simple as today, all the time?”
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