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Friday Flash and Shadowy Secrets

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Today in The Locker I celebrate another Friday Flash Fiction. Today's photo is on the side of bizarre, rather than erotic, but, creates many different imaginative responses. Take a look....what would you say? here is mine:

They think they see me…they really don’t. I’ve been good at deception since my creation. They wouldn’t like me if I didn’t live behind this mask—eyes wide and innocent—hiding the distortions within.
Nothing is flawless…no one is innately beautiful
Anyone who has ever seen the real me, they no longer live to give it away. Like Medusa, I freeze my victims in time, never to speak again. Never to reveal my shadowy secrets.
They never feel a thing as my natural eyes spark and mesmerize, think a pocket watch swinging like a pendulum, then I suck their soul.
Now that you've read my interpretation, hop on over and see what the other Friday Flashers have to say about this particular photo.

Bonni Sansom:
Gemma Par…
Ahoy! Today in The Locker, I have a special guest, author, Mr. Douglas Wickard. Douglas has a tale of fast paced intrigue with his new release, "A Perfect Husband".
Sit back and enjoy this little chat I have with the most interesting, Douglas Wickard.

Thank you Douglas for joining me today. I'm sure readers will enjoy reading about your newest release, A Perfect Husband. So, let's begin.

When did you consider yourself ‘a writer’?

I have always had a fascination with words. My older brother was a bookworm. Books were stacked up against the living room sofa waiting to be read by him. I wrote my first short story around 12. It was called Twelve and A Junkie! Imagine my mother’s shock! I’m from a small, rural Ohio town. How I ever thought I could convince THE READER’S DIGEST I was a twelve year old junkie?? Well, call it an active imagination gone wild!
In your opinion, what is the difference between good and exceptional, in any perspective, not just in writing. 
Emotional en…

Be Tantalized with Rope Bondage!

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Today in The Locker, I celebrate the second post for a new group called Tantalizing Tuesday. This time is two hundred words tantalizing Tuesday (get the alliteration?) Each participant chooses one photo and writes 200 words depicting their description of the photo. Today, I give you yet another snippet from my newly released book, Finless. Enjoy these 200!

“You will be bound for much of the rest of the afternoon. I think you might find this a treat.”
She smiled at the intriguing thought, ready for something different that actually catered to her desires. “I agree, I’ve seen some intricate rope bondage ties and have always wanted to experience one.”
“Then, let’s get started.” Nathaniel led her to the front room.
Sarah gasped at the array of silks, ropes, chain, and various fastening devices. Nathaniel bound her in silk rope, harness style around her torso. He took his time, ensuring he secured each knot with enough flexibility to allow for circulation. Just this …

Friday Flash Fiction! A Priority or an Option?

Hello Fellow Fathomers! It's time once again for the weekly flash fiction. Where we take one picture, and in 100 words-no more, no less- describe what we see. Please see my take on this gorgeous photo:

How long is he going to take on that damn call? I’ve been posed like a seductress for almost fifteen minutes while he took what he promised to be just a “quick response” to the office. Does he realize how much further and further away I become the less he prioritizes me into his day? Mother always told me, “You’ll never become a priority if you remain an option”. Is that all I am to him anymore, just another option? He drew the phone away from his ear and began walking toward her. Her smile brightened, until it rang- Again.
Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my friends to get their saucy take on the sexy woman above. Caution, some other writers may have seriously hot interpretations and other blogs contain explicit content. Get ready for the heat!
Benjamin Russell: h…

Tantalizing Tuesday-COLLARED!

Hello Fellow Fathomers!  Today in The Locker, I celebrate the inaugural post for a new group called Tantalizing Tuesday. This time is two hundred words tantalizing Tuesday (get the alliteration?)  Each participant chooses one photo and writes 200 words depicting their description of the photo. Today, I give you yet another snippet from my newly released book, Finless. Enjoy these 200!

"Are you new to The Lifestyle as well?” Apollo inquired politely.
“A friend introduced me into scenes several months earlier and he has been my only experience thus far. I’ve never seen anything like this. His props were generally portable and extremely private.”
“So, this friend, is he your Master?” Apollo asked directly.
“No, he has the upper hand during our sessions, but, beyond that, we have no bond.” It relieved Sarah to fully speak the truth out loud about her standing with Nathaniel.
“I understand, I did not want to be overstepping my boundaries if you were, in fact, collared. Would you like to come…

Easter Blog Hop!!!

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Flash Fiction Friday-It's Really an Electronic Cigarette

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to the Friday Flash Fiction series where my friends and I write 100 words about our solitary photo prompt. Today, we have a Leo Look-Alike puffing on something. However, for all intensive purposes, he is today, my Nathaniel from Finless. Please enjoy this 100 excerpt.

After you read my interpretation, please visit my friends for their take on the subject. CAUTION-other sites may contain explicit content, please visit at your discretion.

Now, let's meet the Smoking Man---although he looks much better than the Smoking Man from the

"...a slick, handsome jackal named Nathaniel, not Nate—mind you, became quietly aware of all of Sarah’s amazing qualities, and wanted to rule her, own her, control her, and dominate her…
Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Nathaniel preferred the world of fantasy where he could meld and design the fates of those who intrigued him. His unwanted fascination with Sarah troubled Nathaniel. ...He… would retire mor…

Sarah Kernochan: At Home With a Ghost - 32

Redz World: Afterburn by Sonia Hightower

Release Day!

If this was any other Tuesday of the year, life would still be good because I'm here to enjoy it with the ones I love most. However, it is not an ordinary Tuesday, oh no, it is release day for Finless and sweetens this normally benign weekday!  My hard work, blood, sweat, and tears are available for you, my Fellow Fathomers, in the form of my heartfelt literary contribution.
Please take a moment to click Finless and visit my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing, (who BTW just won as Publisher of the Year for the RWA New York Chapter--whoop whoop!) for details on how to purchase. Please also take a moment to visit my celebratory release day author interview with Hesperia Loves Books!