Tantalizing Tuesday-COLLARED!

Hello Fellow Fathomers!  Today in The Locker, I celebrate the inaugural post for a new group called Tantalizing Tuesday. This time is two hundred words tantalizing Tuesday (get the alliteration?)  Each participant chooses one photo and writes 200 words depicting their description of the photo. Today, I give you yet another snippet from my newly released book, Finless. Enjoy these 200!

"Are you new to The Lifestyle as well?” Apollo inquired politely.

“A friend introduced me into scenes several months earlier and he has been my only
experience thus far. I’ve never seen anything like this. His props were generally portable and extremely private.”

“So, this friend, is he your Master?” Apollo asked directly.

“No, he has the upper hand during our sessions, but, beyond that, we have no bond.” It
relieved Sarah to fully speak the truth out loud about her standing with Nathaniel.

“I understand, I did not want to be overstepping my boundaries if you were, in fact, collared.
Would you like to come with me to a quieter area and we can talk for a while?”

Apollo’s statement stopped Sarah for a moment, as he introduced an unfamiliar term to her. “Umm, excuse me, I don’t want to appear green, but, what do you mean by “collared”?

Apollo grinned appreciatively. “It’s an engagement ring around your neck.”

“Oh, well, I never would have imagined. How divine, nothing like studded leather to say
forever.” Sarah almost sounded sarcastic, yet distinctively impressed...."I can say with absolute assurance that I wear no one’s collar. It might just suffocate me.”

Now that you have sampled my first Tantalizing Tuesday, please visit my friends for their vivid images and interpretations. May contain explicit material, so, be ready to be tantalized!
Naomi Shaw: http://naomisfantasies.wordpress.com
Bonni Sansom: http://bonnisansom.blogspot.com/
Jp Archer: http://jp-archer.blogspot.com
Muffy Wilson: http://muffywilson.blogspot.com


Muffy Wilson said…
Now THAT was sizzling!! "Collared"......fabulous!! Loved this finish, ...."I can say with absolute assurance that I wear no one’s collar. It might just suffocate me.” Wonderful, as usual, Finless:) xo
Makes me want more and to explore... Definately want to read the rest of your book. Thank you
Bonni S. said…
I loved it. An engagement around your neck? I must be green too. great TTT.
Naomi said…
Oh I loved that, an engagement ring, lol. I think there is a kind of bond there. You need to keep this going
VenusBookluvr said…
Oh you've left me wanting more!! Fabulously tempting. I hope you continue this.
Jp Archer said…
Awesome! Yea! You know the more I read, the more I realize there are a lot more of us subs that I ever realized. And I just thougt I was kinky. Loved this. Loved the premiss of "collared". The writing was crisp. Timing excellent. Good post.

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