Flash Fiction Friday-It's Really an Electronic Cigarette

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to the Friday Flash Fiction series where my friends and I write 100 words about our solitary photo prompt. Today, we have a Leo Look-Alike puffing on something. However, for all intensive purposes, he is today, my Nathaniel from Finless. Please enjoy this 100 excerpt.

After you read my interpretation, please visit my friends for their take on the subject. CAUTION-other sites may contain explicit content, please visit at your discretion.

Now, let's meet the Smoking Man---although he looks much better than the Smoking Man from the

"...a slick, handsome jackal named Nathaniel, not Nate—mind you, became quietly aware of all of Sarah’s amazing qualities, and wanted to rule her, own her, control her, and dominate her…

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Nathaniel preferred the world of fantasy where he could meld and design the fates of those who intrigued him. His unwanted fascination with Sarah troubled Nathaniel. ...He… would retire more than once a day to the privacy of his office to masturbate to graphic images in his mind of Sarah under his complete control.

He had to own her…not claiming any sentimentality…"

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Muffy Wilson said…
OMG, "He had to own her…not claiming any sentimentality…" what a fabulous line. I am going to have to read that 4 or 5 more times to understand why I love this post so much! God, but I just love FFF because of tantalizing submissions like this:) xo
Jp Archer said…
I agree with Miss Muffet! LOL. But then I have recently been exploring my slave/master dominant/submissive side and am like it! So this was very good. Keep on Flashing!
gemma parkes said…
Beautifully written, intense and intriguing. I would love to read more about this character!
Cassandre Dayne said…
So interesting the dominating thoughts this picture brought on. I think it's something about the look on his face. Love it and just this thinking is perfect.
Davee said…
Hey, thank you all for the supportive comments and indepth discussion for my FFF today. I appreciate each of you. hugs and happy Easter!!!
Kendel Davi said…
Extremely engaging and that line that describes his desperate need for her is excellent.
Lee Brazil said…
No sentiment, huh? Is a rude awakening in the future? ANother awesome post
Davee said…
thank you Kendel and Lee!!
Havan said…
Yep - that last line was the clincher! Great FFF!!! :)
BLMorticia said…
OOh I do love that last line. Nicely done!
VenusBookluvr said…
Fabulous FFF! I loved the intensity.
S. J. Maylee said…
very intriguing, he had to own her
what a line and then the picture in my head of him in his office
yes, very intriguing
fantastic flash
Bonni S. said…
I want more. Great flash!

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