Ahoy! Today in The Locker, I have a special guest, author, Mr. Douglas Wickard. Douglas has a tale of fast paced intrigue with his new release, "A Perfect Husband".
Sit back and enjoy this little chat I have with the most interesting, Douglas Wickard.

Thank you Douglas for joining me today. I'm sure readers will enjoy reading about your newest release, A Perfect Husband. So, let's begin.

When did you consider yourself ‘a writer’?

I have always had a fascination with words. My older brother was a bookworm. Books were stacked up against the living room sofa waiting to be read by him. I wrote my first short story around 12. It was called Twelve and A Junkie! Imagine my mother’s shock! I’m from a small, rural Ohio town. How I ever thought I could convince THE READER’S DIGEST I was a twelve year old junkie?? Well, call it an active imagination gone wild!

In your opinion, what is the difference between good and exceptional, in any perspective, not just in writing. 

Emotional engagement. I can read a story and like it, relate to it, even visualize it. But, when I read a book that completely engages me emotionally, then I sit up and go Ahhhh! I take notice. You know, it’s the shake your head moment, that instant where you wish you’d written the piece yourself. I LOVE exceptional writers that not only take me for a ride, but allow me to feel strongly along the way. Great characters are developed with this exceptional gift in mind I feel.  And, this relates to all businesses. People pay money for an experience that can only be triggered emotionally.  

What three character traits would your friends use to describe you?

Sturdy, reliable, honest.

If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

Well, I created her. SAMI SAXTON is my female alter ego. I adore her. She allows a certain feminine freedom that I guess I kept under wraps. I also love my male detective DAN HAMMER, who the reading public will have to wait for since SAMI seems to be all they want right now. It’s fine with me. Dan’s a sturdy, patient kind of guy!

Do you have more than one WIP at a time?

No. It takes too much emotional commitment. I have ‘things’ festering, bubbling inside me, but only one work at a time. My characters demand it of me. They are territorial. They want me all to themselves until we get to the end!

What made you decide that A Perfect Husband would be your first book published?

Fate. Destiny. I don’t know. I had a book out back in 2003 with an agent from NYC, introducing DAN HAMMER. It was titled NOTHING SACRED, a thriller set in Charleston, South Carolina. I thought DAN would be my continuing character. I had three books planned for him. I just completed his second novel called ENCOUNTER back in December of 2011.  Sami was an idea I came up with for a dear friend of mine while living in NYC back in the 90’s.  Patricia has since passed away. I was giving her some ideas at an ‘artists lunch’ one day after her first book was published. A PERFECT HUSBAND was one of those ideas. At that time I think I called it THE KILLING FIELD. It went through several different titles but SAMI was a strong voice and my new agent loved it and the rest… as they say… is history.

What motivated you to write this particular story?

My friend Patricia, who I mentioned earlier had a cabin in the woods in Montague, New Jersey. I spent several months up there writing NOTHING SACRED. It IS the cottage I used in A PERFECT HUSBAND. All that description is true, the house, the stores, the restaurants… even the basement with her father’s carpenter table. I started playing around with the idea on my own back in 2005 and once I got to the truck driver booty call, I knew that I was in for one HELL of a ride. I fell in love with her after that.

A PERFECT HUSBAND is on sale wherever Ebooks are sold. My next novel will be A PERFECT SETUP. Sami takes to the high seas on a Mexican vacation with Drew and gets romantically involved with a Mexican drug lord. Oh, the trouble these girls can get into.

Thank you so much Davee. I appreciate you taking the time. Enjoy Sami and A PERFECT HUSBAND.
Thank YOU, Douglas! Now, please visit his blog and read more about him. You can also purchase A PERFECT HUSBAND for yourself at the following locations:


Jenny Twist said…
You forgot loyal!
I didn't know you'd written 2 other books! Off now to look for them on Amazon.
Oh, forgot to say. Great interview and A Perfect Husband is the best book I've read for ages!

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