Friday Flash Fiction! A Priority or an Option?

Hello Fellow Fathomers! It's time once again for the weekly flash fiction. Where we take one picture, and in 100 words-no more, no less- describe what we see. Please see my take on this gorgeous photo:

How long is he going to take on that damn call? I’ve been posed like a seductress for almost fifteen minutes while he took what he promised to be just a “quick response” to the office. Does he realize how much further and further away I become the less he prioritizes me into his day?
Mother always told me, “You’ll never become a priority if you remain an option”. Is that all I am to him anymore, just another option?
He drew the phone away from his ear and began walking toward her. Her smile brightened, until it rang-

Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my friends to get their saucy take on the sexy woman above. Caution, some other writers may have seriously hot interpretations and other blogs contain explicit content. Get ready for the heat!
Benjamin Russell:
Cassandre Dayne:
DH Black:
Naomi Shaw:
Muffy Wilson:
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Sherri Hayes:
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Kendel Davi said…
I hope she knows she has the option to leave. What an ass! Excellent Flash Finless.
ER Pierce said…
This is a fantastic Flash Davee. She should get up and sashay her fine, naked ass right out of his life.
Bonni S. said…
What an ass. If I were her I'd smash that phone to bits and leave him. But that's just me. Great Flash!
Katie Harper said…
Total. Idiot. She can do better. She can have a man who wants her and needs her and can't live without her. JERK!

michellelady said…
Loved it. He better be putting that phone down for good. Sexy BBWs do not like to be kept Actually no woman does...silly man he is. I am with Bonni and ER, although I think I might have just gotten dressed left and found me a man who makes me a priority. :)
gemma parkes said…
Hope she kicks him into touch! Love the whole priority/option idea, never really thought about that before, hmmm!
S. J. Maylee said…
poor baby! that was really powerful, well done
VenusBookluvr said…
I'm angry for her! Great job of bringing out my emotions!
Wonderful FFF.
Muffy Wilson said…
She is too good for him, but.....were it me, I would fuck him dry, making sure it was his best ever, then leave him, after I've had my way with him. Then he can experience the feelings of rejection being an option engenders. Besides......she's already naked! Loved it:) xo
Hmm I wonder what is so important of if he is indeed just an ass? Great Flasher!
Jp Archer said…
Terrific flash and good damned advice too. You are a talented and creative witer. Great job.
BLMorticia said…
LOL I see her frustration here.

Nicely done
Davee said…
Thank you all!

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