Friday Flash and Shadowy Secrets

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Today in The Locker I celebrate another Friday Flash Fiction. Today's photo is on the side of bizarre, rather than erotic, but, creates many different imaginative responses. Take a look....what would you say? here is mine:

They think they see me…they really don’t. I’ve been good at deception since my creation. They wouldn’t like me if I didn’t live behind this mask—eyes wide and innocent—hiding the distortions within.

Nothing is flawless…no one is innately beautiful

Anyone who has ever seen the real me, they no longer live to give it away. Like Medusa, I freeze my victims in time, never to speak again.  Never to reveal my shadowy secrets.

They never feel a thing as my natural eyes spark and mesmerize, think a pocket watch swinging like a pendulum, then I suck their soul.

Now that you've read my interpretation, hop on over and see what the other Friday Flashers have to say about this particular photo.

Bonni Sansom:
Gemma Parkes:
Venus Cahill:
Kendel Davi:
Sancre Darling:
Cassandre Dayne:
S.J. Maylee:
Davee Jones:
Leann Mitchell
Benjamin Russell:
Sherry Palmer:
ER Pierce
Sherri Hayes:


Bonni S. said…
Loved that! A soul sucker is brilliant. great post!
Kendel Davi said…
Ah, sweet, sweet, words of wonder!
Cassandre Dayne said…
Yes, we all hind behind something, don't we? I think seeing the world in a manner is very breathtaking for me anyway - but I am a mystery as well
Muffy Wilson said…
..."shadowy secrets..", tell me more. Well, you got the reaction you wanted: spooked me out:) xo
ER Pierce said…
This was a captivating flash sweetie! I'm intrigued, and I want to know more about this mesmerizing soul sucker!
Savannah Chase said…
Oh wow, this is so good. I want to know more about her.
S. J. Maylee said…
hiding the distortions within- yes, brilliant, plus she's a soul sucker
great flash!
Leann Mitchell said…
That was a great flash! It was a wonderful portrayal of the picture. Thank you!
gemma parkes said…
Beautifully written! Loved it!
Ok, so the soul sucking thing got my attention. This is a creative twist on the picture. There is also an underlying message about whether or not any of us ever see the real person behind the walls they put up.
Very good - I liked it.
Sherry Palmer said…
Great Flash. Had me "mesmerized" and wanting to know more. Many people hide behind masks for some it is a defence for others it is how they play the game. This was kind of scary to me. Made me think of the times I thought I knew the person behind the mask. Only to find out I was wrong and that the being behind the mask was able to cause great hurt. **shivers**

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