Why Try Harder?

Good Afternoon Fellow Fathomers!
Today in The Locker I address the subject of winning. However, I do not approach the subject as vehemently as Charlie Sheen, “The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.”  Winning is not my personal addiction, however, finishing strong is my drug of choice.

For me, this entire thought process began when my first book, On Ellicott Street, hit the worldwide web. I happy danced around, had a couple of gin and tonics to celebrate, and chowed on oysters on the half-shell with my family. A few friends even stopped by the local hangout, Pick Six, because I advertised it as my book release happy hour.  I chatted and handed out a few bookmarks. It was awesome.
The high lasted for about 24 hours before the realization hit, “Oh, shit, just because it’s OUT there DOES NOT mean it will sell well.”
Panic-stricken moment anyone? If you’ve been there, done that, can I get an “amen”?
And, so began the labor intensive process of pimping myself out for any guest blog parties that would graciously take me, and THANK YOU to all who have allowed me to stop by. I contacted newspapers, scoured advertising prices, and wracked my brain for creative ways to market on a budget.
“Ummm, hello? Note to self, this book has only been out for 12 days.”
However, as I watch my Amazon sales rating like a hawk and the extreme changes in my position, (I was actually down to like 40K rank at one point-whoo hooo!) Now, stifling at around 150K rank, the panic sets in once again.
Today, after spending quite a bit of time emailing more newspapers for possible advertising and a couple reviewers, I looked at my publisher’s website, Secret Cravings Publishing, to login for my author details. When, really, could it be???  Why, yes, even after I checked three times, blinked a few more times, there it is---
3.  On Ellicott Street
“I’m number 3, why try harder?”—Nah, I’m not that kind of girl.
Number 3 is only the beginning….I hope…I want to be on more lists.
I dedicate this blog to each and every author out there trying to make somebody’s bestseller list somewhere. May we all grace the New York Times someday.
To close, in the words of Charlie Sheen, “I think I’m worth over a 100 BILLION dollars, but that’s just on a cellular level.”


And, a few words from the upcoming, Finless
“The basement was transformed into a medieval dungeon.  The detail would mesmerize not only the s/M enthusiast, but, was tasteful and included authentic pieces to fascinate even the most pristine historical curator.  Nathaniel was adamant that the room not be tawdry or cheap in appearance.
 It would be a place of classic beauty and pain. 
He purchased the pieces himself and had them delivered to her place.  He also contracted the services of carpenters and masons to get the work done professionally.  It was a small token he would allow her to keep once he was bored with his time with her.  It was the least he could do.
 It was one large room.  The interior walls were an old English style cobblestone.  In one corner a swinging bed made simply of a black wooden slab hanging by chains from the ceiling.  There was enough room around the bed to participate in activities from any direction.  Sometimes, Nathaniel required Lily to sleep there alone when he was visiting.  There would be no Egyptian cotton sheets or pillows of any kind for her comfort.  However, on more than one occasion, Lily slept tightly against the hard wood, mummified in plastic wrap against the cold black surface. 
In another corner, a large stretching rack tilted ominously.  The crude wooden wheel at one end could be turned to pull the limbs in directions close to the breaking point.  Just above the rack from the ceiling hung a long chain on a pulley, which Nathaniel used to achieve a similar result.  However, standing while slowly being stretched up by the chain created the most beautiful illusion of streamlined curves and sensuous positions of the female body.  When Nathaniel chose to stretch Lily, she would be wearing nothing, and he would slowly and carefully bind her hands by the leather cuffs at the bottom of the hanging chain.  She would begin flat footed, and he would walk slowly around her body and as he touched and caressed, he would begin to pull the chain and her arms would first move further upward.  As her breasts flattened and her torso began to cave from the upward pull of the chain, she would move from flat footed, to the balls of her feet and finally upon her tip toes, much like in pointe ballet.  
Nathaniel was not so cruel as to require her to hold this position for long, but, the beauty of her elongated frame was so appealing to him, he might require this from Lily more than once during a visit.  Her toes sometimes becoming cramped and sore, and at times, bruised from her weight bearing down on them.  
Against one wall was a small fireplace.  More than one type of fire poker and branding irons were in the steel stand next to it. Nathaniel had never branded Lily, this would leave a permanent mark on her body and he was not inclined to make anything permanent with her unless he changed his mind about his intentions.  These items were simply there as the “promise ring” symbol of what could possibly be achieved.
In front of the opposite wall was a “T” shaped rack, built from wooden timbers.  Chains and cuffs dangled precariously from the top of the rack.  Next to the rack were an assortment of cat o nine tails, floggers, crops, and leather whips.  He could chain Lily from front or back and could inflict cracking and whooshing to her breasts or buttocks. 
A pillory, old-fashioned school desk, barbers’ chair, and armoire were scattered around the room.  A simple sink and toilet were discreetly mounted in a back corner. 
In another corner, a large chest held a variety of costumes, wigs, shoes, and a first aid kit.  Although, they never had a need before, one can never be too careful when playing in this type of environment. Although they shared a “safe” word in the event the activities went too far, she never before spoke it aloud to stop anything Nathaniel was doing to her.  This pleased him immensely and demonstrated extreme loyalty and cooperation on her behalf.  Nathaniel knew Lily so well that he knew her limits, and for her safety, would not press her beyond them.
He was after all, a perfect Master.”


Kellie Kamryn said…
I think we all do the best we can and it takes a while for our books to "get out there". Keep at it!
Davee said…
You got that right, Kellie. Tenacity takes the prize!

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