Skin Against Skin - FFF

Welcome Fellow Fathomers and thank you for joining me in The Locker for the Friday Flash Fiction. It's where a crazy group of us get together and write exactly 100 words, no more-no less, about a specific photo for the week.

Check out this intriguing shot:

“You said you were open to anything, so, why do you turn your head away?” He whispered, pushing her down into the triple layer chocolate cake.

“When I said anything, I had no idea you meant sploshing! I’m getting frosting up my feminine wiles.” She giggled, attempting to shift away from his tightening grip. However, his growing arousal indicated she should prepare for the duration.

“Oh, babe, doesn’t it feel amazing against your skin? The combination of cake and your exquisite deliciousness is almost too much! Now, darling, get ready, because she is about to splash more milk our way!”

Yummy! Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my friends for their imaginative take on this photo. Caution, some of the other blogs may be hotter than jalapenos, containing explicit content.

Bonni Sansom:
Naomi Shaw:
CR Guiliano
Yvonne Nicolas:
Sara York:
Davee Jones:
Gemma Parkes:
AuroraRose Andromeda:
Michelle Chatton:
ER Pierce
Benjamin Russell:
Sherri Hayes:


Naomi said…
Oh wow! Your mind! I could just see her being lowered into the cake with the milk sloshing over. You made me smile!
I've always loved chocolate I think I love it even more. Great FFF!
Sara York said…
Yum, that would be delicious. I loved this one.
Eden Connor said…
Totally fresh, unexpected take on the image. Well done Finless, I love to be surprised!
ERP said…
I wish someone would push me into chocolate cake and eat me, too. Nice post Davee.
Bonni S. said…
Mmm chocolate. That would be a really nice way to be eaten alive. Excellent post!
gemma parkes said…
Tasty! More chocolate please!
Not only is this an awesome post, yummy and sweet and hot, but you made me crave choc cake and milk. ;-) nice!!
michellelady said…
Oh Wow didn't see that one coming. That was an amazing and imaginative way to view the picture. Nummy chocolate cake.
Yvonne Nicolas said…
LOL! This post made me hungry. Nicely done!

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