Let's Meet a Sadist

Welcome to The Locker today, Fellow Fathomers!  Thursday’s blog discusses my upcoming book, Finless.  Finless is a dark journey into the recesses of human extremities. If you have ever had a dark thought and wondered how “normal” it was, please realize that everyone has abrasive thoughts, edgy desires, and intense feelings at one time or another. It is how we choose to act on those mental barrages that separate the masses.
Sarah, Nathaniel, and Lily resist unconditional love as they feed primal desires.  Not believing the possibility of having it all, they struggle to believe that they, the “least of these”, rightfully deserve a lifetime of love and happiness-- Especially with how graphically and unconventionally they choose to express themselves.
Each of the characters comes to realize how tortured their lives have become.  Violent images, dreams, and actions occur as they spiral downward into their dark existence. Reaching personal impasses, they must decide how they will make their lives better.  In the process, they must also mend broken intimate relationships with the ones they love.
This erotic, edgy tale describes and embraces elements of s/M lifestyle.  Their personal proclivities are not condemned, but rather embraced to fill the voids in their emotional existence.
If a fish does not have fins, it becomes lifeless and sinks helplessly to the bottom of the water.

Humans are exactly the same way.

Today, my privilege is also welcoming Nathaniel to The Locker. Normally a recluse, and rarely granting interviews, he chose to share a glimpse into his personal life with us:

·         Hello Nathaniel, hope today finds you well.

Yes, life is what I choose to make it. Very few outside influences affect me.

·         I must agree with you on that one. Can I get you anything as we begin?
Actually, a sparkling water with slice of lime would be great.

·         Coming right up. (hmmm, is he showing his Diva side right now or what?) Here you go, chilled to satisfaction?

·         I know how much perfection means to you. Okay, now down to business-Tell me the difference between good and exceptional.  
“Good” is what the average man or woman is willing to settle for. “Good” may as well be defined as mediocre, in my personal opinion. If a person compromises for “good”, they may just have low expectations. On the other hand, if we demand “exceptional”, we demonstrate our desire for something above reproach, and should rarely be disappointed with our choices. Although, I’ve been disappointed by many people over the years. (lowers voice) Beginning with my parents…However, that’s as far as I want to go with that one right now.

·         Do you think a leader should be feared or liked?     
“Fear” is synonymous with “control”, if your subordinates do not fear you, then; you have lost control of them.  I hold the power of the paycheck with my employees, and they generally do as I wish. I do not expect them to complete assignments outside of their professional purview. It matters nil to me if anyone likes me or not.

·         What about Lily, does she fear you?
Lily is not my subordinate.

·         What about Sarah?
Sarah enjoys fearing me.

·         How do you feel about taking no for an answer?  
I cannot remember the last time someone told me “no”. I would respect it as a safe word, but that’s a bit trite for a safe word, don’t you think?

·          How would you feel about working for someone who knows less than you? 
That would never happen. If someone expects me to take orders, they better have the upper hand in all matters pertaining to intelligence, procedure, and influence. I have yet to meet anyone resembling that.

·         What three character traits would your friends use to describe you? 
I have few friends, as I have not the time nor the inclination for small talk and banter about personal issues. However, anyone who knows me, even slightly, would probably say I’m an arrogant, controlling, perfectionist impossible to please.

·         Ah, but, it seems Lily may know something different?
Details regarding my relationship with Lily are not part of this interview. I prefer to leave her out of things right now. She has been through enough.

If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?
E. Edward Grey

·         Nathaniel, thank you very much for spending a bit of time with our fans today. Would you be willing to visit again, possibly after the world reads our story?
It is definitely possible. But, for now, I have other obligations and must bid you adieu.

Now that you have read a bit of behind the scenes information about the mysterious, Nathaniel. Please take a moment to read an excerpt from the upcoming, Finless:
Sarah awakened to the feel of ice on her head and realized she was lying on Nathaniel’s office sofa.   She was completely embarrassed at the spectacle she herself was at the center of.  His office door was still closed and they were alone.  He was seated beside her on the couch, gently saying her name.  He was so close, she no longer noticed the embarrassment she felt.  All she knew was his smell was the most tantalizing thing she had ever experienced.  He was a combination of black pepper, musk, and subtle spice. The pain from the bump to her head provided a foreign adrenaline; the hot ache returned between her thighs and she could no longer contain her physical desires.
As he reached to touch her head, she grabbed his hand and guided him to her newly shaven area, under her skirt.  He was surprised only for a moment, before he allowed himself to touch the smooth wet skin under the tight fabric.  He was delighted she wore no panties, although he suspected as such because she rarely had those tell tale lines under her office clothing.  He was definitely paying attention to Sarah’s wardrobe, or more importantly, the silhouette underneath.


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