Valentine's Day Comes Early....

Happy Early Valentine’s Day Fellow Fathomers!

Love is a crazy ride not for the faint of heart. Only when we are ready to embrace the fear of the unknown will we truly take the ride. Love does not have to be gentle to be meaningful, and may even seem cruel in some ways. However, when you find someone you fully give your heart to—you cherish every twist and turn.

My upcoming book, Finless, set for release April 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing will take readers on a dark journey of intensity, sexuality, and self-discovery. All on the route to finding-LOVE. Please read an excerpt from my upcoming-Finless.

“Nathaniel took the riding crop from the hanging rack on the wall.  He slid the leather against her skin and would occasionally lightly smack the stiff shaft of the crop against her bare skin.  She started to melt into the cuffs, as the adrenaline high started to pulse in her veins.  With each stroke of the crop, he used more force and the leather began to leave welts on her exposed skin.  These would be lightly bruised areas tomorrow which Lily would wear like a trophy for a few days until they healed. 

Nathaniel put the crop back in its place and took control of the bullwhip.  He cracked the whip away from her generating an loud echo in the basement.  She shuddered slightly in delighted anticipation, knowing the whip would be cracking against her bare back and buttocks.  Nathaniel walked up to Lily and slid the “popper”- the tip of the whip- evenly against her shoulder blades.  “You want this, don’t you, Lily?”  “Yes, Master”, was her soft, yet dogged reply.

Nathaniel walked away from Lily just far enough for the “fall” of the whip to land against Lily.  Instant angry streaks appeared across her backside as she stood firmly, unmoving, as he wielded the whips’ crack expertly across Lily’s body.  Lily began to float in her mind to this place of warmth and contentment.  She never felt such peace of mind as when Nathaniel took control and gave her the physical release no one else ever had.

When he was satiated of the need to execute his power physically onto Lily, he finished by  unlocking her from the rack and bending her over the dungeon stocks and taking her from behind as he drove his pulsing cock into her hot waiting center. His release mingled with her sweat and dripped down to the dungeon floor as he turned and walked away and up the stairs to leave once again.”

My current release, “On Ellicott Street”, is sweeter, yet still demonstrates what happens when we truly find the courage to fall in love. Take a peek at an excerpt from my now available novella-

“They spent the next few hours sleeping peacefully. Their bodies spooned tightly as nesting dolls. Neither Cassie nor Eli ever experienced the depth of a connection as they shared that night. As the dawn opened to a bright, sunny day, Cassie awakened before Eli. She spent several minutes lying still listening to his deep, even breathing. She enjoyed the way his arm held her tightly to him. In the lazy haze of awakening, she closed her eyes and took in each place their bodies touched. From the way his chin nestled against the top of her head, to his arm firmly against her abdomen pulling her into his own midsection, she felt it all. Even her back feeling his taut muscles, only faintly softer in their relaxed state.

 Cassie then directed her attention to his more intimate areas. It was clear Eli possessed a very satisfying masculinity by the semi-hard state the morning brought upon him. She moved ever so slightly to adjust her hips to fit more fully against his growing arousal. Cassie decided Eli’s hesitancy to consummate their union must be challenged. She needed to feel him deeply inside her, even if he had second thoughts.

* * * *

Eli’s peaceful sleep turned to a vivid dream of ecstasy the more Cassie moved against him. Not sure if reality or wishful thinking had his body going, he chose to follow the lead of his desires. He dared not open his eyes for fear his Cassie would vanish. Was she really in his bed snuggled closely to him? Further, was she really enticing him with those luscious hips rubbing ever so subtly against his hardening shaft?”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpts of two of my love creations. Please find ‘On Ellicott Street’ now available at the following distributors:

I hope you enjoyed our time together today, if you have read my first release, if you would leave a review, I would absolutely love it!!!   I hope to see you again in The Locker soon!


Liz said…
these both sound like lovely stories Davey
Davee said…
thank you Liz!!!

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