Tidbit From New Book

As the first movie started, Indigo had no idea how she would fake it through the next several hours. Thankfully, the first movie had a story line that did not always involve teeth, blood, or screams. Indigo tried to relax and overcome her phobia, as the other girls’ eyes remained glued to the TV screen. Indigo discreetly kept her eyes closed for the majority of the first movie, but the sounds were enough to ignite the terror in her thoughts. Indigo opened her eyes long enough to catch the main character morphing excruciatingly into a werewolf. She sat stunned and speechless as his bones cracked and his skin popped during the painful transformation.


An interesting tidbit. It will be interesting to learn more about Indigo and why she felt compelled to sit through a movie(s) that clearly scared her silly. I'm also interested in why there were only girls in the room? Very interesting indeed?
Bonni Sansom said…
I agree with Benjamin. I wonder if it's a girls pajama party. And yes why is she so scared? What happened to poor Indigo that scared her so?

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