Friday, September 23, 2011

Oohh, kiddies, better late than never....FFF

The feisty lil misses set up her companion quite well....she had him right where she wanted him:

“You could have at least taken the plug out of my ass before you put these atrocious pink Speedo-wannabe skivvies on me.” He growled.
“Nah, it’s time for YOU to be a little uncomfortable for a change.” She replied so sweetly, it was eerie.
“C’mon, I gave you what you wanted, now, untie me….please,” he begged. She chucked her tongue in disagreement, “Now, you didn’t really give anything to me, I still had to look for it. You vaguely told me where it could be.”
“Dammit, untie me! You have the stupid remote control, watch what you want tonight!”

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Sara York said...

This was great. Loved it!