Something a bit uncomfortable

The Husband and I were in the adult store the other night. As I perused the supply on the wall, the vibrators were in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

However, I have to say, I'm not a fan of those that resemble---- animals.

Ok, seriously, names like the rabbit or dolphin. These are warm and fuzzy friends, sometime stuffed to take to bed at night for comfort. I didn't think that comfort changed as an adult. I don't envision taking a rubber or hard plastic rabbit to bed to ease my, ahem, sleeping problems.

I'm not knocking it if you have one, and please maybe you can help me understand what I seem to obviously be missing. Yes, Yes, I get it the double ears or bottle nose, but, can't those be shaped into something just as effective?

The one(s) I own are very plain and resemble some rocket or bullet, and I daresay they do the job just fine.

Ok, guess it's off to bed, and not with my stuffed rabbit. *wink*


Katie Harper said…
I'm right there with ya girl. Why would I want the rhinoceros? With that big pointy horn.....wait a minute, maybe the rhinoceros is a good choice. I have my faves and they do a dandy grand job.

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