Flash Fiction Friday

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“I can’t believe I’m sneaking out the window for this!” muttered Olivia under her breath. She grabbed the silk nightgown as a precaution for the return home.
“Are we really going to rendezvous in the treehouse,” she whispered into the walkie talkie she retrieved from the back of her panties. She now realized she would need to buy a new one for her son, she could never let him put it up to his mouth again.
“Yes,” her husband seethed, “it’s the only place the kids won’t look! We only have twenty minutes, so hurry up, will you-- I’m hard!”

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Anonymous said…
Sweet! I love your twist on this fff! Well done! Sounds like a lot of fun! We have a tree house. Heehee
Lisa Worrall said…
That's fabulous! Bless them - parents have to find places to hide too :)
Chris Quinton said…
Oh, very neat! I like this scenario *g* - though they'll have to watch out for spiders. And splinters...

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