Spontaneous Combustion

They said it was a case of spontaneous combustion. Her common sense blew up and covered everyone with its toxic debris. What she considered righteous and wise was most anything else in the eyes of her peers. Her crafted words spewed hatefulness, spite, and contempt designed to tear down the happiness of anyone around her.
As her children desiccated into a shell of their former selves, she continued the rant. Squeezing the life of their promising souls, she would not stop until they felt just as badly as she did. Imagine bringing a child into the world, not to nourish and cherish, but just to build your own vile team. Everyone needs supporters, if you can’t recruit ‘em, create ‘em.
Thus, hate begets hate and the cycle continues. When you know no other way, it becomes easy to understand why we have atheists in this world. Words like grace, peace, and love have no place in their small and miserable world.
How sad they do not know there is another way to live….


Such a sad commentary on people who think that hate founded on fear is their birth right - sad but true.

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