Sunday Thoughts

I won’t constantly preach the gospel during my postings, but, I want to make things perfectly clear where my heart and soul stand—it’s with the Lord.  I’ve lived a full life and there are many things I’ve done that I know for sure I wish He hadn’t seen.   But, I’m still a child of grace.  And, I’m STILL sexual. 
It’s one way to keep a marriage together, you know the whole, for whom the Lord has joined together let no man put asunder?  What is the one private, intimate gift the Lord gave two people?  The joy of bonding within a sexual relationship.  I know I feel closer to my husband when we are on a sexual roll.  Too many times, we let that part of life slide first.  It just seems easier, before you know it, you are sleeping on two distinct sides of the bed and forgot what his skin smells like. 
I know it’s happened to you too.  No reason to feel ashamed.
How to get it back is the hard part, I don’t have a great answer to that yet.  Except however, you keep trying.
I hope you do one intimate act today with your significant other.  And, do it with purpose. However, freaky or modest it may be.  The choice is all yours.


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