finally catching up/six sentence sunday

keep going, keep going, the sweat is dripping down my face, don't stop now...I'm not finished.  she kept hoping for that rush, the one that brings her to the next level, sometimes, even accompanied by nausea, the sensation is so strong.  breathe, in and out, in and out, deeper then shallow, damn, why won't it come...pardon the pun.  suddenly, she is covered in goosebumps, oooh, this might be it!  wait for it, wait for it, but, nothing.  why is this so hard?

maybe i'm actually thinking too much.


Anonymous said…
I can feel the frustration in her desperate attempt. Very well written. Excellent six! Bonni Sansom
Muffy Wilson said…
Been there done that myself!! Excellent 6, Davee!!! Perfectly represented, dammit:) xo
Anonymous said…
Great six, Davee! Well done! xo
Katie Harper said…
Oh, I can feel her frustration. Great six!!
Davee, this one of those Blog posts that just makes my imagination run hog wild and those are the best kind. I'm sitting here trying to figure out if she's coaxing the batteries in her toy not to die or if her fumbling lover needs lessons. Or, if maybe she's got some other kind of issues. Very good indeed.
Davee said…
thank you all!
Benjamin, here is what's funny. I was in a triathlon yesterday and had those feelings trying to reach my endorphin rush--my runner's high. And, it would NEVER happen. I then began to relate it to how similar that feeling was to any number of ill-fated sexual encounters.
Very good analysis!

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