Saucy Wednesday

She followed the direction of his stare and once again it was fixed on another woman. She wondered why she did not feel more jealousy, it was almost freeing, as she breathed a sigh.  As she scanned the room, she counted how many eyes were upon her, and she counted 5 pair, in just the first survey.  Each one looking interested in what she might have to offer.  Lecherous or not, at that moment she would probably take the most interesting offer, it didn’t matter who made the proposition, she just needed to feel alive again.  Suddenly, a thought occurred to her, it might not even be a man to wake her sleeping core, maybe what she needed right now was a warm and silky soft woman…


Bonni Sansom said…
Hot! Girl on girl I love it.
Davee said…
Gracias, mi Bonni!

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