FFF! August 26

Ike unleashed his pent up power upon Irene.  As the rain smacked against the window, he pushed her against the pane so he could see the forces pounding the glass.  The risk of the window shattering only heightened their excitement and dared them on.  As they released the pressure of their combined forces of nature, they would stop short of the climatic pinnacle to keep spinning in one place, drenching everything with their torrential ferocity.   “Hurricane indeed,” growled Ike,” I’ll show you a reason to be afraid,” as he pulled Irene by the hair back toward him for round two

Joining me today are fantastic authors, who have written their own interpretation of a single picture for Flash Fiction Friday: Please click on the embedded link in their names and visit their Blogs to read five very different Flash Fiction tales based on the same photo.

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Bonni Sansom said…
Excellent post. Loved how you used the weather in the scene and in their actions. Well done!
Davee said…
thank you ladies! Love yours too!
Anonymous said…
Very powerful and very hot! Loved it, Davee!
Betty said…
Round three please.Good Job!
Muffy Wilson said…
I love using the weather as a backdrop, too. This one is intense, in such a few short words!! I loved it:) xo
Katie Harper said…
I could hear the wind and rain and thunder! Great job!!
Sara York said…
Very good. Love it! Loved that you pulled in the weather too!
Ah, I've always wondered what would happen when an unstoppable force tried to seduce an unmovable object - Hurricane Ike vs. Hurricane Irene. A wet & wild FFF ride. Great!!@
Chris Quinton said…
Very neat! The storm outside and inside was nicely done *g*
Jp Archer said…
I wonder if Pres Obama declared the state of emergency before or after the climaxed? Good job. Very in the moment.

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