Does This Exist????

Is there ever a thing as total satisfaction?  Seems that most of us keep wanting more and more, the further along in life we go.  I equate satisfaction with mediocrity and that does not settle well with me. 
Life has taught me that I cannot depend on another human being to see me through to success.  Other people have fraught my life with disappointment upon dismal disappointment, and worst yet, I allowed it.  Tumultuous cycle of doom and gloom. 
This script began at age two when my dad walked away from our house and left me on the front steps of the porch, crying because he did not say goodbye to me.  I tried counting on a male since that time, and when I did, I was devastated.  But, I began to wonder if the blame belonged to only me, and I was the instrumental figure in my own downfall.


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