Tuesday Tales and a MOTHER of a Decision

"Danika Parker"
Ahoy Fellow Fathomers and Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the beautiful mommies out there in cyberhood.  Our Tuesday Tales group is writing, appropriately, to the word prompt, "mother" this week. Once again, I'm pleased to return you to my new WIP, the Fantasy Leagues....Book One - Multiple Scorgasms. Our lovely Danika Parker is looking for love....but, does she really believe in it? Let's take a look:

"The notion of love fascinates me. The whole running through a field of flowers and my Prince Charming scooping me up into some all-encompassing hug and then we have a picnic under an old tree. We might even make love under that tree, but, we wouldn’t have to because love is not based upon the physical.
I honestly wouldn’t know, but, I possess a great charade as the girl next door. I swooned at all the latest hot guys of film because I can appreciate a beautifully crafted human being. I went to my high school prom and traditionally lost my virginity to my date…hmm, his name escapes me. It was more awkward hip hop than the quiet storm of smooth jazz. I remember how his hands felt calloused as they stop started across my body…he must have played sports.
I was popular and accepted and became somewhat of a challenge guys were willing to accept. They never understood that I could actually be one of the guys, have best friends for guys, yet, never, ever have a boyfriend. I pulled a Julio Iglesias and told them I loved them all and it would be heartbreaking to make me choose between them.
I had female friends and a busy academic life. I took college courses during my senior year. I was a member of a long list of clubs and organizations. I went to college on an academic scholarship and graduated with just a blemish under a 4.0. I began medical school and in my opinion, I’m the most successful twenty something I know.
Up to now, I’ve been on a few dates, mostly double dates with mutual friends as we met up for happy hours or concerts. However, most of my friends have begun their careers and some even started families. I have my share of bridesmaid’s gowns that I will probably never wear again. But, it doesn’t make me sad. I’ve studied enough science to disregard the evidence behind pheromones and laws of chemical attraction.
That’s what concerns me.
The concept of love feels as foreign to me as breathing underwater without diving gear. It’s never happened. Although I don’t believe I’d die from love, I’m not ready to jump into my pool and take a deep breath either. Both ideas are preposterous. But, they are dangerously related to one another in my mind.
I’ve never been in love and worry that maybe I’m missing that fuse. Following intensive human biology and chemistry courses, I know all about hormones, sexual responses, and attraction between two animals. We release oxytocin at the height of sexual passion and smaller amounts just in kind, caring everyday interactions. I know I have oxytocin flowing through my body, so, that’s not it. Love is not specifically possessed by the human race. Even animals feel love, loss, and mourning. Elephants will “bury” one of their own dead with leaves and grass. They will even visit the gravesite when only bones exist, just as we visit the cemetery. Birds are very jealous and bluebird males will “beat” a cheating mate with their wings and beaks. I could go on and on with examples from the expansive animal kingdom.
But, what I’m really trying to get down to, my brass tacks, if you will, is my personal ability to give a real damn about another human…maybe even fall in love.
I’m going to pull the childhood card here. Okay…okay…come back, don’t leave. I know it’s been there done that and made therapists around the world rich, but in theory, makes most people’s ass twitch. I’m not stifled or abused, matter of fact, I had a great childhood. I have two loving parents who watched me play chess, dragged me to soccer for a couple of seasons, and accepted it when I didn’t want to work in the family business right after college. Of course, I think going to medical school was the easy way out for me. That they could take.
Yea, I just said medical school was the easy way out.

I guess I need to back up more. Well before I was the itch in my daddy’s pants, he was a contractor. He built solid homes, and had quite the reputation as a log cabin aficionado. He began designing and dabbled in architecture, but, his true love was working with the wood and nails.  Said it was better than any relationship he’d ever had with a female- enter my mother."
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Jean Joachim said…
Interesting transition from her life to her parent's relationship. Now I want to know what happened between them and why she can't connect.
Jillian said…
I'm ready for more. This promises to be a good story!
Karen Cino said…
Now that you gave us a good tease, I'm ready to hear the whole story. Good job.
Sarah Cass said…
As always, I'm intrigued by it and ready for more. Well done.
kathleen ball said…
so down to earth and realistic
Iris Blobel said…
Nice TT this week. Look forward to reading more next week.
SherryGLoag said…
You've caught my attention with this, hope you give us more.
Anonymous said…
I'm intrigued and am curious about what she's getting ready to reveal about her parents.
I liked the way you shared her inner thoughts with us, as if we sere sitting in, seeing everything that raced through her mind.
morgan said…
Sounds like she was ready to reveal her parents' love story. It is always peculiar to think of the parental unit as being young and frivolous once upon a time. Lovely introduction.
S.E said…
This looks like it will become a very interesting story.

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