Fantasy League Friday! a Brand New Feature!

I have lots of F’s going on today! It’s the Friday Fantasy for my Fellow Fathomers. Each Friday you will meet a new face of the Fantasy Leagues. Some will be the participants in the first-ever Fantasy Leagues games. Others will be the faces and stories behind the scenes.
But, today, you meet Lola Fontaine, the beautiful, business-savvy brains behind one of the most successful dating clubs around. I think it’s best if she just introduces herself…take it away Lola!
“I love the meet and greet until the spotlight is on me. I operate better in the one to one, or sometimes even two to one, setting better than when a crowd is cloying for information. I’m a very private person, but, you would be too if you had my walk-in closet of a past.
My passion is helping others connect. As hard as my exterior is, it does my heart good to help someone make a true love connection. So, I started the Fantasy Leagues. I had a few other dating services before, but, this club really hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped yet. It’s amazing.
You will get a better idea of the concept as these blog posts progress. I don’t think Davee likes to let all the cats out of the bag at once, but, she will be kind enough to offer you tidbits.
Sit back, hold on, and get ready for an interactive dating experience like you’ve never seen before! Kisses!”
Xxoo Lola


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