Fantasy League Friday Dating Rounds! Meet Maisie Teegan

It's time to start uncovering the profiles for our first round of the dating club. We have 13 women and 13 men set for Fantasy League Football and the Multiple Scorgasms. Following are the initial questions asked of all participants. Keep track of the participants and see who YOU would match up together, and why?

Of all profiles, I challenge you to write a 1000-5000 depiction of the dating experience of your two favorite members. The winners will receive prizes and a chance for their depiction to be published!

Now, get to know Maisie!
1) What do you do for work? – I’m an executive assistant at an electrical distribution/design company
2) Where are you from? – I moved to Denver when I was 3 after living in Frankfurt, Germany for the first 3 years of my life.
3) What is the one thing about yourself that you would like me to know? I am a free spirit with a passion for success
4) When was your last relationship and how long did it last? My last ended in February after 9 months.
5) What are you looking for in a relationship? A best friend.
6) What do you think is the most important value in a relationship? Trust- when it comes to the important things. Everyone tells little white lies here and there.
7 ) Do you want to marry or have you ever been married? I would very much like to be married.
8) What do you look for in a husband/wife?  Someone physically attractive, smart, generous, and has a calming effect on my personality.
9) Do you want/do you have any children? Yes, I am interested in having children eventually.
10) What do you do for fun? – I love skiing, hiking, camping, and going out downtown with friends.
11) What are you most proud about?  How self-sufficient I am, and my abilities to manipulate situations in my favor.
12) Is religion important to you? I am a Christian but do not push my beliefs on others.
13) Do you follow politics? I identify as a Libertarian.
14) Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
15) What is your most treasured possession and why? My dog, because she loves me unconditionally, and I her.
16) What is your favorite month of the year and why? October, because of Halloween and it’s not too hot.
17) Which is your favorite book/movie?  I really love the Hunger Games and the movie Troy.
18) Which is the last book you read? The Divergent series.
19) Which is the one job in the world that you would love to do? Archaeologist
20) Which is your favorite music and your favorite singer/band? Lana Del Rey, Cage the Elephant, One Republic
21) Do you like animals/keep pets? I have a 3 year old corgi.
22) How do you spend your spare time? Watching a favorite show, hiking, homework, or working out.
23) Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? Hopefully married and pregnant.
24) If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be? Elephant, because they experience strong emotions
25) Do you believe a cup is half empty or half full? Half full
26) If you could travel back through time, what single mistake would you correct in life? I would try harder in high school to better set myself up for success.
27) You have got six months to live, what will you do first?  Leave the country
28) Is sexual compatibility important to you? Big Time
29) Who was your hero, as a child? I haven’t ever really had a hero…
30) If you won a lottery, how would you spend your millions? Traveling and a beach house
31) Which was the first crush you ever had? Fred Thulson, I drew pictures of him constantly.
32) What makes you laugh/cry? Sad animal or love stories make me cry. Clumsy people make me laugh.
33) If you have friends coming over, what would you cook? I would get a fancy meal from Tony’s Market and pretend I cooked it.
34) Describe your perfect holiday. Anywhere there’s a nice beach.
35) Which T.V. program would you never miss? American Horror Story
36) What is the last CD you bought? I honestly can’t even remember
37) Are you a morning person or a night person? Night
38) Would you like to climb a mountain or trek across a desert? Climb a mountain
39) What adjective would a close friend use to describe you? Manipulative
40) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Ecuador
41) Into which personality’s shoes would you like to step for a day? A wealthy man
42) Who is you favorite actor/actress/celebrity and why? Leonardo DeCaprio, hasn’t had a bad movie and can play a variety of characters.
43) Who is your favorite sportsperson? I don’t have one.
44) What is your favorite sporting activity? Snow skiing
45) Which is your favorite genre of movies - comedy/thriller/action? Thriller/Horror


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