Tuesday Tales Coming On Rather Abruptly

I know last week I left everyone wondering where Joelle fell when the rotting walkway gave out. But, with this weeks' word prompt, abrupt, I couldn't fit it in! So, I'm moving back to my other work in progress, Sexy Bea Spelling. Let's see what Andrew thinks of Bea...
“We don’t have to go home yet, do we?”
“I’m still on administrative leave until they decide what to do with me, Andrew. You’re the one with a job in the morning.”
The velvety nighttime sky set a perfect backdrop for the downtown Dallas skyline of lights. The ribbon of lights around the Omni Hotel changed colors as it cascaded down the numerous stories. The Reunion Tower ball glowed brightly with a dancing display of clear lights. They hopscotched around the orb in hyperactive motions. Andrew drove leisurely through the city holding Bea’s hand, his thumb stroking her palm.
“You know what they say it means when someone scratches the palm of your hand, don’t you?” Bea leaned closer to him from her seat.
“Lady, we are about the same age, of course I know. Glad you picked up on the hint I was throwing out. But, I’d really like to hear you say the words, my sexy Bea Spelling.” Andrew shifted in the seat, obviously adjusting his growing desire.
“When you scratch the palm of my hand it tells me you want to fuck me, Andrew Goode. So…do you…want me?” She drew the words out slowly and began unbuttoning her shirt.
Andrew swallowed hard, the lights of the city no longer capturing his attention. “We aren’t going to make it back home, you know that right?”
“Take me somewhere, anywhere, let’s do this where we can get caught.”
“Bea, my spirited minx, what is getting into you?”
You will be very soon.”
“Damn right I will be.” Andrew hit the accelerator and made an abrupt U-turn in the road. “You are so very very sexy.”

Now that you've read my take for abrupt, please visit our Tuesday Tales Main for other creative writing including the word prompt, Abrupt.


SherryGLoag said…
Well wow, things are hotting up. And of course I suppose they will be caught!
V.L. Locey said…
Sheesh, things are getting toasty!
Sarah Cass said…
Holy crap on a cracker that is HAWT!! OMG, I love it! Yay for Bea!!
kathleen ball said…
very sexy and I loved the description of Dallas
Lindsay said…
Wonderful lead in to the ending of the scene
Tricia Andersen said…
Ooh...very sexy! Beautiful descriptions of the city. Very well done!
Anonymous said…
Fanning myself here! And I'm miles away from Dallas. Wanting to see the next scene!
Trisha F
Iris B said…
Holy macaroni .... last week dead bodies, this week hot hot hot (almost sex) ... You're one diverse writer. Well done.

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