Flasher Fiction Friday - What Evil is Behind These Eyes?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers, this Friday I return to my first recurring blog contribution, the Friday Flash Fiction. A group of writers will write exactly 100 words, no more no less, to a picture prompt. After you read my contribution, please read what the other writers have to say, the links follow. Happy Friday!

Pearl envisioned the group of bullies getting closer before she heard their hideous voices yelling threats of torment and maniacal laughter. The Lord of the Flies mentality permeated the group of reckless kids and today, their intensity scared her. Pearl thought how their eyes seemed evil, almost inhuman, especially the leader- the iris wasn’t even a normal color.  She focused on the sticky mud at the bottom of the river and imagined her rescuer. Pearl deepened her breathing, almost to a yogic state and forced almost every ounce of breath from her lungs, and her well timed nervous system calmed her. 

For more on this unique photo prompt, please visit these other writers for their contributions. Some blogs may contain adult material, visit at your delightful discretion. 


Muffy Wilson said…
How intuitive in today's climate of youths unprovoked attacks on innocent passersby. This was ominous and thrilling at the same time, Davee. Great 100!! :) xo
Naomi said…
Scary and very perceptive flash. Excellent
Pablo Michaels said…
I would never have imagined writing the original flash you wrote. To perceive a crowd when bullying like you expressed is frightening. Well done.

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