A Sadist in Masochist Clothing

Sarah Went Left of center
I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, I’m Sarah, the fictional female protagonist from Finless, who has some very real psychological roots. I know many times, we characters like to grant interviews to give you, the radiant reader, a bit of background into our inner workings. However, you may get more than you bargained for during the first several chapters of our story.  So, I decided to add a few of my thoughts to the normal set up. I don’t need a beverage, comfy chair, or fancy chocolates-I simply need your attention for a few moments as I share some gritty truths about my life.
I could be anyone, anywhere, any gender, race, or ethnicity.
I realize my reactions happened in a flash, within seconds lives forever changed.  How many times have we all gone left of center in our lives and negatively affected someone else?  When we speak without thinking, we unleash verbal dragons that can bring someone down in flames. 
Death does not always occur physically.
My insensitivity led me to become too arrogant in embracing my right to-
·         Say what I want!
·         Be entitled to my whims!
·         Make you accept my way of thinking!
·         Agree with me!
·         Treat people however I please!
·         Fail to care about consequences!
Wow, how sad is all of this?
I participated in negligent activities, automatically including others time and again in my choices, the epitome of selfishness. The list of examples of what I did is as endless as the arguments are for my RIGHT to do any of it. 
It became disgusting and gluttonous behavior.
My inalienable rights were not meant to extend to inflict grief upon someone else.  Mental, physical, or otherwise.  Seriously. 
Who am I to put all this out there into scathing words?  I’m the person who needs to hear this on a daily, that’s who I AM.  I’m just as guilty and know this because Nathaniel once told me “you lack compassion.” Bahahahaha, that was my first reaction.  For a short moment, I thought he was joking, but Nathaniel rarely jokes.  When Nathaniel, the self-proclaimed king of arrogance, accused me of lacking compassion, I took careful heed.
Nowadays, I not only feebly attempt to understand, but, I cram myself into the shoes of humanity and step out of my own narrow-minded Jimmy Choos. 
I learned many things from my time with Nathaniel, my lust for blatant sexuality just one parting gift of our time together, but, I also learned how to love and be loved. Maybe the greatest gift he could have ever bestowed.
Find out what I mean and check Finless out for yourself. The book will shock, sadden, arouse, and inspire you, I guarantee you will walk away wondering how in the world any of us ever made till “The End”.
Coming April 2012


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