Davy Jones Meet Davee Jones....

Hello Fellow Fathomers~

Today in The Locker we pay tribute to one of my favorite celebrities in the world- Davy Jones. Many of you, my dedicated readers, may not realize my actual given name is, in fact, Davee Jones. The only difference is it is spelled in a more feminine manner. Through my years on this planet, I've been teased about being a pirate, a rock star, and even Davy Crockett --(and, for the record, I've never "kilt a bear"). Most of the teasing came in the spirit of good fun, and I enjoyed it, to some extent. It was not alwasy easy having such a unique name, but, I've come to embrace it.

The sadness comes in that with each passing day, we are all growing older, and with it the joys of the present quickly become warm memories. I've personally experienced four full decades of fashion trends, music trends, changing politics, technological advances, and ordinary triumphs and tragedies. Heroes emerge, yet for some of them, they tarnish their achievements-and it may take years in between- then we all feel betrayed in one way or another. We are left wondering, what happened to "so and so", they had it all going for them and just threw it away.

It is then when we lose a celebrity icon like Davy Jones, we realize in the midst of our sadness, that not all those in the public eye become tainted. Many overcome  Hollywood-type pressures and obstacles to remain, if not an inspiration, at least a pleasant reminder of what a celebrity influence should be to all of us, especially the young fans.

Therefore, we are left reminiscing of our days gone by and what life was like at one time, with rotary phones, party telephone lines, vinyl 45 records, and bikes with banana seats. I don't know about you, but, sometimes, I dig in my heels wanting a bit of the past back again-especially when I want to throw my touch screen so called smart phone.  But instead we are left singing light-heartedly, "Take the last train to Clarksville, and I'll meet you at the station..." and smiling at what once was.

Rest in peace, Davy Jones.


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