Do You Like Me Pulling Your Hair?

Welcome Fellow Fathomers to the Friday Flash Fiction! Where a group of the most interestingly twisted peeps on Facebook gather to provide you some entertainment in the form of exactly 100 words to describe the following picture:

In celebration of my upcoming release, Finless, next week. I give you a 100 word excerpt from my spicy, thought provoking, gritty, sexy tale of sadism, masochism, and where life meets in between it all...take a read--

"...women did not fear him, even as he denied their breath or inflicted a bruise. I am a true Master, a Dominant worthy of anyone’s submission. Nathaniel felt satisfying conceit returning to his veins. He deserved the gifts of Sarah, of Lily, - of anyone he chose. Little by little, he stitched his arrogance back into place around his heart and muffled any sincerity or longing for the moment. Like an annoying mosquito, he knew his conscience would return soon, so he needed to take advantage of this emotional reprieve. Sarah would deservedly receive the full brunt of his dilemma." ---Finless

Now that you've sampled my 100 for the week, please hop on over and visit my friends for their saucy interpretations. Some of the other sites contain explicit material for mature audiences only.

Bonni Sansom:
Lee Brazil:
Benjamin Russell:
Havan Fellows:
Kendel Davi:
Yvonne Nicolas:
SLira as BLMorticia:
Sherri Hayes:
Jp Archer:
Davee Jones:
Cassandre Dayne:
DH Black:
Venus Cahill:
ER Pierce
Gemma Parkes:
Sherry Palmer:
Cyril J. Michael:
Lani Rhea
Muffy Wilson:


Muffy Wilson said…
Wow, delicious and well crafted! Can't wait to read MORE, next week! Congrats, sweetie:) xo
Anonymous said…
Agree! Very well written, great piece!
Kendel Davi said…
Nicely constructed and well written!
Sherri Hayes said…
Hm. Not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy from that. Gets your attention.
ERP said…
What an interesting character. Can't wait to read more. I think. lol
gemma parkes said…
You have an enviable way with words! Great post!
Lee Brazil said…
Nice- would love to read more about this character- I think, that perhaps he has things yet to learn about himself
Davee said…
Thank you all, yes, Nathaniel has much to learn about himself. But, he is a scoundrel in the process.
S. J. Maylee said…
he grabbed my attention he's and not giving it back! Captivating!!
BLMorticia said…
Well done Davee!

Davee said…
thank you all for the supportive comments. :)
Yvonne Nicolas said…
Very nicely worded. Great flash.

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