To Genre or Not to Genre...What is the Answer?

Hello Fellow Fathomers!  Today in The Locker I discuss the issue of “genre”.  Many of my new friends have specific genres they adhere to in their books.  When I began this career as author, I thought I only had one basis to draw creativity from.  I now find I have several, much like Forrest Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates-I never know what I’m gonna get…from my muse that is.

Although for purposes of marketing and sales, it may be best for me to trend down one realm, I just have too many thoughts going on in my mind to stay on one path.  Like the classic indigo child, AKA-A.D.D. for any clinicians out there, I stroll along my beautiful garden path, watching the butterflies, writing a grocery list, stringing fishing line, while riding rollercoasters.  My mind is a beautiful, eccentric place; you join me on occasion when you stumble into The Locker.   Each book I create comes from the recesses in my mind clamoring more loudly than the others at that particular moment.  

People, I’m a hippie, for goodness sake, it’s free love in my world and all ideas have equal merit.

I realize I stick to a few general areas: romance, suspense, drama, and YA.  The intensity of the book depends on the experiences of my characters and many times I won’t know that until I am smack in the middle of telling “their” story.  However, my editor will make sure the heat level describes prominently the content so as not to offend a reader expecting a sweet, cupcake romance, not a bruise inflicting sexual romp described in painstaking detail. 
The YA influences in some of my stories because, frankly, I want to share part of my writing life with my kids.  I have all these wonderful opportunities occurring in my corner and they are a very important part of my world, sometimes inspiring a new creative idea.  I want to have something they can read as well, not just the disclaimer, “You gotta be 18 for this dear daughter”. 

(See, she is just as crazy as I profess to be...Hippie in training...I gotta show her the way somehow and if she couldn't read anything I write, it would hurt.  Really.)
Just like the weather, I sometimes change from book to book.  So, if you aren’t enjoying what’s published first, just wait a few months, the next creative product might be right up your alley.  Rest assured, I’ll be shouting from the rooftops with each publication, so, you will always know what to expect.
Until next time…get a book and keep reading!


michellelady said…
This was awesome to read. Your little one looks so cute and a real fun hearted girl too. I like how some authors dont get stuck in just one genre, I am hoping to do that myself.
Davee said…
Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your comment. I find the stories in my mind just tend to vary from theme to theme.

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