FFF--December 2, 2011

Hello Explorers, Today is the happiest day of the week for me- Friday!  To add to the excitement, my friends and I present to you, the Friday Flash Fiction.  100 words based on the intriguing photo below:

My interpretation of this saucy picture is as follows:
Her sweaty palms indicate nervous anticipation as she plays the role of voyeur from just outside the door.  She has never seen a sexier scene and still wonders if they will welcome her unashamedly to their intimate domain, or will their movements stiffen in trepidation?   She holds her camera tightly to her chest and inhales deeply the scent of lavender wafting through the small openings of the door.   
She knocks softly before quietly entering the boudoir.  They only briefly acknowledge her presence before he returns to stroking his lover’s hair again.  “Just pretend I am not even here.” She whispers.

Now, that you have indulged your senses with my rendition, please take a moment to comment your thoughts, or even share you own version.  Please then visit my friends for their interpretations as well!  Happy Weekend!
Lisa Worrall: http://lworrall.blogspot.com
Bonni Sansom: http://bonnisansom.blogspot.com/
Yvonne Nicolas: http://yvonnenicolas.wordpress.com/
Sara York : http://sarayork.blogspot.com
Cyril J. Michael: http://authorcyriljmichaels.blogspot.com/
Venus Cahill: http://www.venusbookluvr.blogspot.com/
Erika Pierce http://www.erpierce.com
Luna Ella Aldora http://lunaellaldora.blogspot.com
Patricia Logan http://naughtypassions.blogspot.com
Lee Brazil http://leebrazilauthor.blogspot.com/
Sherri Hayes: http://sherri-hayes.blogspot.com/
Davee Jones: http://finless.blogspot.com/
Benjamin Russell http://www.incubuschronicles.blogspot.com/
Lindsey Gray: http://lindsey-gray.blogspot.com
The Muffster: http://muffywilson.blogspot.com
Havan Fellows: http://havanshawthaven.blogspot.com


Erika said…
oooo Interesting Davee, so did they invite her for some photo's or does she just barge in after peeping ;):hm:
Bonni Sansom said…
Loved it. I like that they didn't worry about her presence in their intimate moment.
Are they even more caught up and aroused in their moment with her voyeurism present? I probably like her hesitancy just before she enters the room the most. Nice, Davee! :)
Naomi said…
Such a sexy scene you set. I can feel the tension as she walks in
Granny Annie said…
It looks to me like she is struggling to put on a pair of panty hose and he finds it fasinating.
Jade said…
a voyeur scene! I feel so close to the one with the camera, as I always try to have mine handy... You'll never know what will come across your path!! great post
Jade said…
a voyeur scene! I feel so close to the one with the camera, as I always try to have mine handy... You'll never know what will come across your path!! great post
yvonnenicolas said…
Nice post! That's a photographer getting pulled in to the scene. For the sake of her desires, I hope they ask her to join the party. ;o)
Sara York said…
Mmm, very nice. She's going to have fun taking those pictures.
Lindsey said…
Very fun. Seems like she's nervous, but they aren't. It's always nice when the subject is "in the right mood". Great post.
Havan said…
Watching is just as important as participating...hmmmm - hope she develops them at home...lol
Lee Brazil said…
oh, I really love that! great sensory details,
Chris Quinton said…
I like this *g* Neat interpretation of the pic.
Muffy Wilson said…
I LOVED this FFF!! At first, but then and finally......I got it!! Boy, did I get it. Very sexy, Fin, very sexy indeed:) xo
Gemma Parkes said…
Mmm! Lavender and sex! hot!
VenusBookluvr said…
Beautiful description!
Sherri Hayes said…
Oh, I really liked that. So Beautiful.
Ana Hart said…
I love the feeling you conveyed in so few words. Great job :) I really enjoyed it!

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