Tuesday Tales, Worth a Giggle

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the fun word, giggle. So, here we go from Steal My Heart, book 4 WIP from The Fantasy League series.

“Was it worth at least a giggle?” Lesley lowered the tiki mask from her face.

“I’m sorry, preoccupied, I guess.”

“Are you still worried about email girl?”

I had to tell Lesley I planned to meet this mysterious person. Lola and I reached Homeland Security, but, really didn’t get anywhere. I suppose their caseload was too full to deal with wayward terrorist females who may or may not pose an actual threat. “I’ve arranged a meeting.”

Tossing the island inspired mask back on the shelf, she grimaced. “Why are you encouraging this weird freak?”

“Because if I don’t, this could continue forever, I want this over with. Lola promised to be there with me.

“Lola as a bodyguard might not give you the protection you need.”

“Like you said, it’s probably someone busting my chops, and not anything dangerous. Why are you so upset?”

Groaning, Lesley turned away from me, heading down an aisle of paper plates, utensils, and multi-colored tableware. “I’m not upset.” She offered, her words fading as they reached my ears. Something was up.

Watching her walk away prompted something inside me, I couldn’t have her leave. Some protective instinct kicked in and I sped up, meeting her face to face by a random end cap display. “I like you, I really do. I want to be rid of this minor irritant so we can move on to, well, more important things.”

“Like what?”


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Fantastic scene, so well written. I'm so glad for the hurried catching up to her before she could get away. Looking forward to the answer!
V.L. Locey said…
Wonderful snippet!
Jillian said…
great entry this week. I am wondering if that mask is going to be more important down the line!
morgan said…
Like their descriptive names such as email girl. :)

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