Tuesday Tales, Who Needs a Cozy Setup?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the cozy picture prompt below. We must capture the image in 300 words, no more, no less. So, here we go from Heart Nectar, a current WIP.

“This is my wine.” Sitting beside a warm fire, Carolyn’s insides absorbed the healing properties of the perfectly aged blend. “This is one of my first vintages.”
“The color is superb.” Charles tilted the glass, admiring the legs on the side. “Excellent body as well.” Sniffing the contents, inhaling deeply, he closed his eyes. “Very nice bouquet to match, you just might have your first medal winning bottle.”
“We’re so excited to be part of the competition. It’s our first big show. Of course, we’ve been in some smaller shows. Hopefully, we do well and it gets our brand some exposure.” Nervously tapping the side of her glass, she finally put it on the table. “Thank you for stopping by, I wasn’t sure if you could include me in your schedule.”
“Of course I could fit you in, a lovely woman, roaring fire, and delicious wine, why on earth would I have said no?”
“We haven’t spoken much since high school, people change.”
Charles shrugged his shoulders. “Some people need to change, or they’ll drown in the midst of life’s torrential nature. You and I aren’t those kind of people.” Taking a drink, he swirled the wine around his mouth, looking upward, as if focusing on the ceiling. An over exaggerated move, but, then again, he was trying to impress an old friend. “Where is the vineyard?”
“Our vineyard?”
“Yes, where you grew the grapes. The winery is in the middle of town, so, naturally, I couldn’t see the vines.”
Carolyn settled back further onto the couch. “Our vineyard is young, not yet producing many grapes."
 “So, you didn’t actually grow the grapes in this wine?” Smirking, he put the glass down on the table. “I’m not sure you can actually say this is your own from start to finish.”

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Jean Joachim said…
Uh oh, is she going to be eliminated from the competition? I hope not. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? This new story has intrigued me. Great job!
V.L. Locey said…
Great snippet! I'm left wondering how she fares.
Iris Blobel said…
The perfect snippet for this week's picture prompt. Enjoyed it.
Jillian said…
Love it. Perfect discussion about the wine and boo on him for being mean about the grapes.
Great except, fitting the bill perfectly for the picture prompt. The way the wine is described makes my mouth water.
morgan said…
He's bit snooty about the wine. Plenty of wineries have their grapes shipped in. The artistry in the mixture, not necessarily the grapes.

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