Tuesday Tales - Ending up a Kidnapper Short

Happy Hot Tuesday and welcome to The Locker. We are changing it up. FINALLY Book one is with The Editor! TaDa! Boom!

Today, I move to book two of my current WIP, A Game of Inches, for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write to the word prompt "short". Poor Lola, she can't "catch" a break any better than I could catch a touchdown pass from Peyton Manning. shameless pun.

“Yes, Danika, I had a colorful childhood.”

“Colorful? That’s just stupid, Lola. You were sexually abused, physically abused, and emotionally abused. You have too much abuse in your past to ignore, hoping it dies an agonizing death. It's your inner voice, crying for help.”

“No, that would have been the sound of my youth meeting the reaper.”

“Still want to make jokes? I don’t see how.” She really had the brain of someone warped into a cult. Looking back now, I realize my parents exposed me to trashed up stuff. However, the more I hear from Lola, the more I feel I was raised by a model mother and father.

“I asked for most of it. Quit trying to blame other people for my horrible choices.”

“I don’t want to blame anyone. I want to help you move out of your crusty panties into the shower you haven’t seen in almost two weeks.”

“Did you know depression hurts, Cymbalta can help?”

“Son of a bastard.” I had to take a good hard look at the woman sitting in front of me. Lola completely regressed into some alter ego teenage rebellious personality. Funny thing was, I don’t believe she ever moved past those years at all. The suit, her business, success…those were facades. She learned self-preservation from a young age, but the ridiculous part? She didn’t need to. I don’t understand kids who make such shitty choices when they don’t have any real reason to do so. Lola put herself in harms’ way on purpose. It blew my mind. “Stop being a wise-ass. Maybe if you had taken some medication you’d be wearing clean clothes as a productive member of society.”

Lola picked at a very old manicure, chipping off like flat paint from an ocean side home. “As a lover, he fell short. As a kidnapper, he scared me witless."

Her words struck me cold, instantly giving me goosebumps. “What the hell, Lola. Were you abducted? Do we need to go to the police? For fuck’s sake, talk to me!”

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V.L. Locey said…
Another wonderful snippet! I loved the line about her picking off her nail-polish.
Jillian said…
I'm with Vicki- love the visual of the nail polish picking. AND congrats on book one being with the editor. Jillian
Jean Joachim said…
Wow, emotional scene. Depressed people do have a hard time comin out of it. Well done. Love the review of Sexy Bea Spelling, too. WTG!
Well done. I can feel the agony of one and the exasperation of the other. Love the paint coming off the ocean side home visual.
SherryGLoag said…
Lots going on in this scene and it caught me attention. Congrats on your book going to the editor and your great review.
Sarah Cass said…
Intense & emotional. I love the way you likened her chipped nail polish to shipped pain on a house...very evocative.
Anonymous said…
There's a lot going on. Bringing up the past like this makes me ache inside ... oh wait, this is fiction. You wrapped up my emotions with this scene. Well done.
And congrats on the book with the publisher!
Trisha Faye

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