Boo-sday Tales...I mean Tuesday Tales - Happy Halloween

Happy Creepy Tuesday and welcome to The Locker. 

Today, I move to book two of my current WIP, A Game of Inches, for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write, appropriately, to the word prompt "ghostly". 

Inside, I sniffed the aromas of dried, rotting wood. The breeze carried the rustic smell of fall through failing windows. I took short steps, almost tiptoeing across the warped floor. Finn read my mind. “Watch out, there’s boards missing close to where you’re stepping.”
I looked around, directing the flashlight beam around the large area. “You’re right, this isn’t the kind of place Lola would willingly come.”
“Let’s go through all the space before we leave. We want to be thorough.” Finn snapped on rubber gloves.
I smiled. Over the years, the snapping sound indicated taking care of business. I thought of the classic song, BTO, baby. I know about some good music, my parents did a wonderful job of exposing me to the classics. I pulled gloves from my back pocket, popping them tightly against my wrists, creating my own simple noise. “What brings people to alternative lifestyles? Maybe she has a side we don’t have any idea about?”
“She is attractive, progressive, fearless, a combination of traits giving her latitude in my eyes.”
I felt a little guilty about my intimacy with Lola. Was I in some manner cheating on Finn? “Isn’t latitude and acceptance a good asset?”
“I’ve got a relatively open mind.” Finn shrugged his shoulders. His answer was precisely generic enough to fit the human majority.
Our location didn’t encourage a big reveal. I didn’t want to be left in the middle of nowhere. I opted to keep my secrets to myself. “Let’s finish this and get out of here.”
“Agreed.” We walked toward a rickety wooden door, a definite lighter wood color than the rest of the barn. “This looks newer than everything else.” Finn reached for the doorknob. “Step back in case there’s a rat or something inside.”
I’ve cleaned up blood, brains, and entrails. However, there was something about a rat that made shivers creep up my spine. “Yuck, I hate rodents.”
He worked the door open, revealing a small windowless room. Clearly, someone had taken care with this part of the structure. Although years from new, obviously, this small space tucked inside an unassuming deserted barn made the perfect hiding place. We shined our flashlights around. On the floor, an old mattress had a dirty sheet partially covering the stained, worn cover. Large eyehooks screwed into two places on one wall, as well as two from the ceiling. Chain hung from the ceiling. A rudimentary wooden rack leaned against a windowless wall. A dingy candle melted down an old black holder. A solitary wooden chair faced one corner. “This doesn’t look like much of a love pad.”

I tasted the dusty improprieties of the space. A dry taste of toadstools coated the inside of my mouth. “I’m not even sure underage lovers would come in here to get busy. It looks more like a kidnappers hiding place. This is damn creepy. We should look for evidence of trace such as blood or other fluids.” Ghostly humidity filled the air molecules with something profane.

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morgan said…
I'm with her as far as hating rodents. I'll always had snakes and spiders on the property, but can not tolerate a rat or its tiny cousin, the mouse.

Great job, as usual.
Especially love the dry taste of toadstools and the last sentence-- awesome!
SherryGLoag said…
Hmmmm I agree but I also don't like snakes.

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