My Mind is Going in So Many Directions!


I’ve decided to use my blog not only to writing, music, and other facets of entertainment, but, also to share my journey. I’ve had significant health problems for almost three years.

Thank you for listening, periodically, I will have a new installment chronicling my journey-


I stopped and thought about the number of doctors I’ve seen since January 2013. As close as I can get to the numbers include:

3 Rheumatologists, 1 cardiologist, 1 vascular doc, 1 Ob/GYN, 3 neurologists, 1 oncologist, 1 gastroenterologist, 1 immunologist/allergy doc, 1 hematologist, one pain management doc, 3 orthopedists, one spine specialist, and three ER visits. I’ve given at least 200 vials of blood, taken 100 xrays, 3 CT scans, 1 MRI, and several urine tests.

I’m in a serious relationship with BC/BS.

I will say, and I almost hesitate to go out loud with it, but, I think I might be on the right track. Finally.

You see, other than all the problems I have, I’m a healthy woman. I’ve gained 30 pounds in 3 years, and I’ve had friends recommend supplements, workout plans, diets, etc. My blood pressure is getting higher, probably a result of weight gain and lack of cardio. However, I’m chronically ill inside the body of a healthy woman.

Thank goodness for the long health kick and exercise regimen I was on up until a few years ago. I only believe I’m as healthy now as I am because I geared my body up for battle. At the time, I thought I was training for triathlons and runs, but, it’s been much more important than that. I was training for everything I’m going through now and what I will go through in the future.

So, I’m changing the name of these installments, I haven’t found the perfect name yet. I’m pondering.

Today, I’m nervously awaiting the results of my colonoscopy/endoscopy from last Friday. My GI doc removed 2 polyps, biopsied the linear furrows/white specks in my esophagus, biopsied the inflammation in my stomach. Four biopsies, one impatient patient. I have a hiatal hernia, but, we are waiting on any treatment recommendations for the results. By my next post, hopefully, I’ll have something to report.

Until then…I’m plodding on.



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