Can a Letter Make You That Crazy? Tuesday Tales

Happy Hot Tuesday and welcome to The Locker. 

Today, I move to book two of my current WIP, A Game of Inches, for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write to the word prompt "letter". 

Now, mom had me concerned. Normally, she’s going out of her way luring me back to ground zero. I’ve turned down home cooking, money, vacations, you name it. I always had an excuse. I know it appears I harbor nothing but contempt and frustration for this female who birthed me. However, I must admit, right here…right now. I love my mother. I will always love my mother, no matter how weird she becomes. Neither of us can change the past. My indiscretions, insert heavy sarcasm, more than outweigh the burden of being Laverne’s spawn. We are at a stalemate in the game of hurting each other. I realize neither of us have the energy, nor the inclination, to continue throwing emotional daggers as one another.

Hence my deep concern she obviously doesn’t want me in our family home.

It became our family home the moment I felt unwelcome.

I pulled into the driveway. “Mom, I need to be home, just for a little bit.”

“Oh, corn nuts, fine! You promise not to say…”

I opened the door with flourish. “Not a single…” Dear baby Jesus in a basket. Or was that Noah? What the hell was she doing? I shouldn’t have made that promise.

Every flat surface was covered. If the surface was soft, there was something stiff like cardboard covering it. I stepped further into the living room. Bits, odd shapes, and tiny multicolored fragments scattered around. I had to be surrounded by ten thousand jigsaw puzzle pieces. “Mom?”

Laverne stood wringing her hands. “So, I have new hobby.”

“How…how many of these do you have going?”

“Oh, I don’t know, when I get stumped with one, I can go to another.”

I slowly nodded, smiling as much as my skepticism would allow. “You certainly have…options.”

“I knew it. I knew you would think I’m crazy.”

“I promised you I wouldn’t say a word. I won’t.”

“You can’t stop your body language.”

I closed my eyes, seeing fresh baked cookies, a Christmas tree, and our stockings by the fireplace. I casually glanced over. There were three puzzles in varied stages of completion on the tile in front of the hearth. I walked to them. “Holiday scenes and snow…” I looked at the box lids demonstrating the completed picture.

“Yes, I thought they would look good framed hanging over here for Christmas.”

Then, I saw it. The Letter. It was on the mantle. I reached out, touching it gingerly. I drew my hand back fast. “I like the idea of Christmas puzzle pictures.”

“The letter won’t bite you Lola-girl. Hold it for a while. Think about it.”

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Jean Joachim said…
Damn! Leaving us without knowing what's in the letter? Rats! I want to know, I need to know! Nice scene of tension between mother and daughter.
Sarah Cass said…
You nasty tease!! What's in the letter?! ACK!!

(And a puzzle addiction isn't a horrible one to have...maybe...)
V.L. Locey said…
Argh! Such a tease you are. Way to go!
Iris Blobel said…
couldn't agree more ... you are a tease ... great post this week!
SherryGLoag said…
You build us up, then leave us hanging! not nice :-) You can cut the atmosphere in this scene with a knife. Good work.
morgan said…
Now, I wonder what is in the letter. Lovely scene.
Jillian said…
ah man! Way to leave us hanging! Love the puzzle idea, too

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