Tuesday Tales - Do You Prefer Top or Bottom?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers and Happy June to all in the cyberhood.  I don't know about you, but, I cannot believe this will be the halfway mark of 2014. Today, our Tuesday Tales group is writing, teasingly, to the word prompt, "bottom" this week. Once again, I'm pleased to return you to my new WIP, the Fantasy Leagues....Book One - Multiple Scorgasms. Yea, I couldn't be too good.
Today, we find Coach Lola in another, ahem, provocative situation. Take a peek:

I gritted my teeth and walked back to a readied, but rested prize athlete. “Stand and face me.”

He popped up faster than a burpee. He stood at military attention, never taking his gaze from forward facing. Quietly, he waited, not in the least bit giving away any apprehension at the heavy flogging instrument I held in my hands.  I walked to him, bent and kissed his twitching penis, just waiting for attention. He gently flinched, a reaction he could not control.

I’m back in action now, fully engaged in this scene. “Put your hands above your head and spread your legs. Hold onto the straps.” I motioned to the hanging black lead ropes above his head. He almost had to tiptoe to reach them, but, he didn’t miss a beat. “Are you sure you want this?” I whispered against his hard deltoids. I licked his solid body and he lightly shivered again.

“Yes, Coach Lola.” He roughly whispered, his voice sounded like he needed hydration. He could wait.

I scratched my fingers lightly down his back and he stiffened even more, which didn’t appear possible from his rapt physical involvement under my control. I increased the pressure and left red marks from my square tipped manicure. I suddenly remembered Danika’s offer of a visit to the nail salon and I bit Russell on the back of his arm in agitated response. He automatically shifted his arms forward away from me and grabbed the straps tighter. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you’re just so delicious.” I uttered the first words I could make up for my embarrassing surge of unusual emotion. Danika needed to keep her distance, this is not good for me.

I touched him with the head of my flogger, the BB packed rounds bounced off his hard back, they looked like yellow bouncy balls kids get from a quarter machine. I smiled at the comparison and imagined bouncing rubber balls off a naked male form and realized I had a new toy to assimilate into the LockHim Room.

I could even launch them with a slingshot.

Focus, you moron. You’re a famous dominatrix, not a softy.

Infamous, not famous, get it straight, or at least straight as a crooked arrow.

I lifted my arm slightly higher back and bounced the flogger off of him again. This time a lovely thud as each pod met flesh. Russell tilted his head back slightly, with the faintest smile across his sculpted face. I kneaded his back with my free hand, prepping him for harder contact. Thwack! I snapped the headful of BB rounds meaningfully against his mid-back, careful of the kidneys. His ass cheeks clenched and he rolled his head subconsciously.

My bottom just reached sub-space.  That was my goal the entire time.

I smiled.
Now, please visit our other Tuesday Tales writers for their contribution to "bottom". Tuesday Tales Main Page


V.L. Locey said…
Well that was quite the scene to enjoy with my morning coffee! Well done!
Jean Joachim said…
Sexy, intriguing and well done. Will be looking forward to more of this.
Davee said…
Thanks you two! I'm excited for this new book!! Having fun writing it.
Sarah Cass said…
My my...what an intriguing scene. Love her distraction.
Karen Cino said…
Extremely intriguing scene. I can't wait to read more.
Jillian said…
great use of the prompt.
Iris Blobel said…
Holy smokes ... and agree with Jillian ... well done on the prompt
morgan said…
Quite educational ;)
S.E said…
I'm speechless

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